If you want to transform your life + build the business of your dreams then welcome to your new favourite resource!

It’s my job to help you take the guesswork out of becoming a solopreneur by giving you the blueprint to building a soul-aligned creative online biz.

If you’ve been asking yourself:

→ “How do I even get started?”

→ “Which things are actually important + which are wasting my time?”

→ “How do I use Instagram to market my business?”

Then you’re in the right place. Let’s get that money honeyyy!

Hi! My name is Laura and I am a mindset & business coach.

It’s my goal in life to help other aspiring female solopreneurs start the business of their dreams and transform their life.

I’m learning + implementing NLP and spiritual coaching alongside my corporate sales and customer service experience to give you everything you need to build a soul-based business.

I love working on my business, driving around the country, looking after my little house plants and learning about mindset, productivity + digital marketing!

"Ooo this is such a unique strategy."

"Love that you've got your own signature service and approach! Mindset really is make or break"


Mindset is the basis for everything. It’s the determining factor as to whether your business takes off or stalls.

Mindset comes first, before strategy. We look at ways in which you can build confidence, self-trust, gratitude + a resilient mindset.

business foundation

Next, we look at the foundation of your business and answer three fundamental questions to build it together.

Without complete clarity on these, you can’t move forward + you’ll be feeling STUCK without them.

the 6 pillars

Finally, we use my unique strategy + approach to build the 6 pillars you need to launch and grow a successful online empire.

If you want to use a simple website, social media such as Instagram, and your own talents + skills to build your dream life, then let’s make it happen.

let's work together

The best way to work together currently is in my 1:1 programs. I’m taking clients for July/August so get in touch below + let’s start building your dream!

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