10 Monthly Tasks To Make You Super Organised


10 Monthly Tasks To Make You Super Organised

Monthly Tasks That Help You Become More Effective + Well Put-Together

You might want to become more organised because your life feels messy and you need to take control. It might be time to start putting some habits in place to help you feel more on top of your life and effective at work, home and in your relationships.

It is the things we do regularly and consistently that make the biggest difference to our lives. Getting habits into your life, making things routine, that’s the key to changing your life. Sometimes we lose track of our habits, and we need to draw a line and start again.

Creating some positive habits is key to being organised and feeling in control of your life. If we repeat these tasks every month, we’re bound to feel more organised! And at the end of the day, being more in control and having our sh*t together is only gonna be a good thing right?

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you my top 10 monthly tasks to be super organised! These are things you can implement into your life on a monthly basis to really help you feel in control, and you’ll reap the benefits of less stress, more time + an easier life all round.

1. Clean Out Your Purse & Handbag

We all end up carting around no end of stuff in our purse and handbag. It’s the way it goes! We get given receipts and leaflets and all sorts of things as we go about our day. We add in lip balms and new perfumes and other bits and bobs from home too. It can get all cluttered and gross, and make us feel a bit embarrassed every time we go in there.

As the days and weeks go by, our bags get heavier and our purses start to overflow with fussy bits of paper and they build up little bits of stress.

Take the time each month to go through and clear out both your purse and your bag.

Put all of your receipts where they need to go, clear out all of your make up and pare it down to just what you need, and get rid of any rubbish. I tend to empty everything out, clear all the rubbish and extra bits away, and then clean the inside of my bag.

Buy little pouches and set up organised filtering for each item. Have a bag for makeup, hand cream, that kind of thing. Another separate one for sanitary products, change of underwear etc. Maybe a further one for pens, stationery that kind of thing. By dividing everything up, you’ll be able to keep things neat and tidy, and find things a lot easier.

It’s surprising how much better this simple little task can make you feel!

2. Clear Out Your Email Inbox

This is something that we all avoid the hell out of it but it is something that just gets worse and worse the longer we leave it!

Every month, or every week if you have the time, go through your emails and sort them out:

  • Archive emails you need to keep or that are important
  • Delete the ones you need to get rid of
  • Unsubscribe from any email lists that no longer serve your best interests
  • Respond to any that require you to get back to people

This small task is one that annoys us all, but believe me, if you ignore it you can end up with like 10,000 emails and a much more aggravating task on your hands!

If you are in that position, I would advise archiving everything in one go (you can do this on a desktop with Gmail but have a Google if you can’t see how to do it on your email account.) You can then start again and get a system going for when new emails come in.

You could even set up a filing system to keep emails allocated to their own kind of content. This just helps you find emails rather than trawling through every email you’ve ever been sent!

3. Budget For The Month

If like me, you enjoy being organised then you most likely already have a budget.

However, taking the time to check through this each month is important.

Not only that, but it’s a good idea to have a look at the things you have planned already and see whether you need to put extra money aside. You might have a birthday coming up that you need to buy a card and present for, or you might have a night out that you need funds for.

It’s those one-off things that come up that often take us off our feet and ruin our budget for the month. By being more prepared in the first instance, you can make sure you don’t have unexpected expenses come up.

By checking your budget at the start of the month, it just helps you feel less stressed and more in control of your finances, and your life as a whole.

4. Write Up Your To-Do List & Goals For The Month

At the start of the month, it’s a good idea to write up a to-do list and your set of goals for the next few weeks.

The level of organisation you will feel just by doing this little task is off the scale!

Doing this every month and getting in the habit of monitoring your goals and keeping on top of your to-do list is obviously going to benefit you.

Having a visual representation of your plans just makes life much easier. You can have that laser-focus if you know what you’re actually going for!

5. Organise A New Area Of Your Home – Storage & De-Clutter

Every month, I aim to organise a new area of our home. It helps me to feel much more in control and I love the feeling of reducing the clutter!

I have a few plans for the next few months worth of storage/decluttering for our home:

  • Under the sink for the bathroom and the kitchen. My partner likes to stock up on extra bottles of shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, cleaning products and toilet rolls when they are on offer, or he bulk buys off Groupon, eBay or Amazon
  • In my dressing table drawer. I have a shallow drawer in my dressing table, but it’s just one long drawer. I’ve got the idea of putting in various different dividers to help me store things in a more organised way.
  • Under my coffee table. I have a shelf underneath my coffee table, and we store all kinds of things on here but it’s a bit of a mess. I want to get some storage boxes and baskets to make this area much prettier and more organised.

Taking the time to work on a new area each month will make a massive difference to how manageable your home feels, and the amount of time you have to put in to clean, tidy and find things.

6. Let Go Of People That Are Selfish, Negative Or Toxic

It is really surprising how much these kinds of people can actually drag you down and stop you being productive.

People like that bring such a level of negativity to your life that means you feel low, stressed, and stuck in a rut.

Move away from these kinds of people, and stop them from dominating you and your time!

You deserve to be surrounded by people that motivate you, support you, and bring positive vibes to your life.

You don’t have to be horrible to anyone or cause any dramas, but you might need to have some serious conversations and be honest with people. Value your time and who you spend it with.

7. Start A Bullet Journal & Plan Out EVERYTHING!

Oh dayum I am obsessed with bullet journaling.

If you need to know more about what bullet journaling is, check out the inventor, Ryder Carroll’s website, or Pinterest, where you will find so much inspiration that you will want to start your own BuJo immediately!

I am rubbish at drawing, but I love writing so I have a super minimalist one!

If you do decide to get started with a bullet journal, I think you will fall in love with the process straight away. It brings the next level of personal management and planning to your life.

Check out my post where I talk about bullet journaling here:

  • My 2020 Minimalist Bullet Journal Set Up

8. Try Something New

Each month, try something new and reap the benefits!

Getting stuck in a rut will make you feel demotivated, and you will struggle to push through and feel organised, coordinated and on top of your stuff.

When you try something new, your brain gets a massive boost from it. I’m not a psychiatrist but we all know the boost we get when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone!

Try a new hobby: try cooking a new meal or playing a new sport, anything that starts those brain cells tingling and gets you excited. You will feel much more pumped and everything else will feel much easier to coordinate.

9. Go Through & Sort Your Post

We often leave post (mail) to build up and we don’t put it in the right places to make sure we stay on top of it.

Go through the pile of post each month and put into the correct places.

I have a filling box for important things such as bank statements, documents and work-related letters etc. Taking the time to add my post to the right areas of this folder makes life much easier.

I do sometimes end up putting piles of documents in a ‘safe place’ to organise later on and it never happens! So I really try to force myself to get it done on a monthly basis.

10. Finally, Don’t Procrastinate And Actually DO THE THINGS

It’s very easy to think about everything you can do to be organised. You need to do the things though!

If you don’t do them, then you’re just thinking of them. Thinking of something isn’t the same as doing it.

It might seem obvious, but some people do get caught up in the process of planning and setting goals. Unfortunately, they then struggle to get on and actually do the things they need to do.

Learning to create positive, healthy, useful habits does take time, and we all need to continue to build and practise this.

I hope you’ve found this post useful, and it has given you some tips and tricks to be more organised on a monthly basis. Follow me on Instagram for similar stuff and things!