3 Common Sense Things You’re Probably NOT Doing But Should Be!


3 Common Sense Things You’re Probably NOT Doing But Should Be!

Those Things That You Know You Should Probably Look Into…

We all avoid doing things that we know we should be doing sometimes because we are procrastinating, too tired, got too many other things to do, or just don’t see the value in them.

At the end of the day, life is busy and sometimes we forget to do the most crucial things (can’t see the wood for the trees!).

In today’s post, I want to share with you 3 common sense things that you’re probably NOT doing, but that you really ought to be!

These things will help you become more effective in your life and gain some control over things. They might well give you the edge you need to succeed further than you thought possible in 2020.

1. Getting Your Finances In Order

It’s one of the most important things in life. Because at the end of the day, money is the tool that enables you to do what you want and live how you want.

There are a few different steps you can take to get some control back into your finances:

  1. Create a budget // take the time to go through all of your expenses for the month and figure out exactly what you HAVE to spend each month. Write down all of your bills, monthly direct debits and subscriptions that come out of your bank. See how much is left out of your income, so that you know where you stand after you have sorted out all of your essential payments.
  2. Start saving // make a provision to start saving a percentage of your income as you never know when it might come in handy! Everyone should create an emergency fund, to make sure you have something to fall back on. Best case is 3-6 months worth of full expenses, in case you get made redundant for example, and need time to sort things out.
  3. Make a debt plan // if you have any debt, personal loans, credits cards, car debt etc, then it’s worth getting it cleared down asap.
  4. Monitor your everyday spending // even after all of the above steps, it may be that you are spending lots of money on lattes at work, or dinners out at the weekends. If you need money for other areas of your life, then you’ll quickly spot where it’s going when you monitor your spending. You can then make a concerted effort to spend it in ways that make more sense for you long-term
  5. Think about the long-term game // I know you might not think you need to worry about your retirement plans in your twenties and thirties but actually you really do! Check what you pay with the company you’re employed by, or check the plan if you’re self-employed. Make sure you’re making a provision for your future! Check out this amazing book by David Sawyer called Reset, which teaches you about financial independence (it’s for middle-aged people but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m 27!).

By taking the above steps and getting a little bit clearer on your current situation, and also taking steps to get things under control, you are doing the right thing for now and for future you.

At the end of the day, money is extremely important. You want to make sure your money is working it’s hardest for you!

2. Check Your Perspective + Your Attitude

Life is all about the way you react to things and the way you perceive them.

If you constantly pick out the negatives from things and feel like the victim, then you’ll always see the negatives. You won’t be able to see any positives and as such will feel like your life in entirely negative.

Learn to check your thoughts and the way you talk about things to others.

Are you talking in a way that sheds things in their best light? Are you choosing to see the lesson rather than hurt feelings?

You have to practice doing this, it’s a muscle that needs training, the same as physical ones!

Spend time monitoring your thoughts and the way that you frame things and practice being more positive, compassionate and considerate. Think about the things you have to be grateful for, and remember to concentrate on them instead.

Try to avoid complaining, gossiping and general negativity!

Honestly, I do appreciate that this isn’t necessarily an easy task. We all have less than desirable things in our lives, and we’ve probably spent a long time feeling hard done by and like we deserve a break.

However, in general, we are actually extremely blessed, and most of us live in countries where we are safe, have a good quality of life, and amazing opportunities around us to help others and live a meaningful life.

This perspective change will make you feel much happier and more content within life, knowing that no matter what happens you will be alright. You will be able to get through it, and you will learn many lessons as you go through life.

3. Reduce Decision Fatigue // Simplify Your Life

We have to make so many different decisions in our lives, and it causes us ‘decision fatigue’.

This is stress based on the fact that we have too many options for everything and we have to spend time and energy choosing all the time.

Instead, we want to try and reduce the number of decisions we have to make. This will help us have much less stress in life and be able to focus on the things that really matter to us!

There are many ways we can do this:

  • Create a capsule wardrobe // a great way to avoid lengthy decisions of what outfit to wear, having a capsule wardrobe reduces the need to choose your clothes, makes washing much easier, and gives you the freedom to mix and match your clothes much more easily. This will also save you money, due to the fact you won’t need to spend so much money buying new clothes all the time!
  • Meal plan + cook ahead of time // another great way to save time on making decisions on what you’re going to eat every day, meal planning and making your food ahead of time can be a great way to stop you stressing and spend more money than you need
  • Cleanse your digital devices // we end up with many different apps on our devices which can lead to procrastination. It can also need to that decision overwhelm because there are so many different things to choose from, and lots of things vying for our attention. Go through your devices and get rid of all the apps you hardly use and clear up your menus. Put things in folders to stock them being as obvious and distracting when you’re going onto your phone for something else! I’ve even heard of people un-installing apps and only re-installing them for the allotted time they give themselves each day or week.
  • De-clutter your home // having a huge clear out and reducing the number of items you own has SO many benefits. As a previous shopaholic, and some of my extensive debt coming from credit card shopping for things, I had to make a change in my life. By completing cutting out unnecessary spending and reducing the number of items I own, I’ve genuinely never felt better about what I have in my life. I went through all areas of my own and cleared out literally years worth of build-up. My clothes got a good going-through as they were out of control. I gave at least half of my books to charity. I went through all my storage boxes and cleared out all the clutter. I have clarity, a clearer, cleaner space, I know where things are, I own the most important/useful things or the things I truly love, I spend less money… the list goes on!
  • Create to-do lists // another great way to reduce decisions is by setting up a daily to-do list, prioritising the most crucial things for the day, and then simply focusing on them. This will ensure you are extremely effective and get the things done that you MUST do, and reduce the stress or need to mess around with other things.

By learning how to simplify your life and reduce the choices you have to make, you will give yourself time and energy to focus on the things more important to you. Being efficient and productive in all areas of your life comes from the ability to be narrowed in on what gives you the most return for your investment. If you’re putting valuable hours in, then you need to get something valuable back for them!

Reducing the decisions you make will give you much-needed clarity and the time you need to get the real work done.

I hope you’ve found this post enjoyable and it’s given you some ideas on the things you SHOULD be spending some serious time and thought on for 2020!