3 Essential Things To Build The Foundation Of Your Business

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3 Essential Things To Build The Foundation Of Your Business

The Foundation Of Your Business Boils Down To Three Vital Things

When you feel like you’re struggling in starting your business and getting it off the ground, or you are stagnant and no longer growing, it often comes down to one simple fact:

A lack of clarity on your business foundation.

By building a strong foundation for your business, you give yourself complete clarity, vision and purpose as you move forward and build your empire.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you the three foundational elements of your business that you have to have nailed down before you can build on them to create success and abundance.

I hope you looove it and can use them to grow your business starting right freaking now. They are simple in practice, but don’t underestimate them! They are really essential when it comes to the success of your business.

Work through each section and dig deep on the details. The magic is in the details!

1. Getting Clear On Your Reason WHY

The first part of building your business foundation is to get absolute clarity on your reason WHY.

Why are you building your business? What do you want to achieve by building your business? What kind of life are you trying to build around your venture?

Getting completely clear on the details about why you want to run a business and why you are providing the exact service you’re providing will help SOOO much.

This is the basis for your business! This is the driving force behind everything that you do.

Sometimes, being a solopreneur is a hard gig, and it’s tough to keep going. There are often so many things to do, you have complete responsibility for your work and it can feel lonely and daunting.

Keeping your reason why at the forefront of what you do, focusing on those absolute life goals and your dreams for your future will sometimes be the main thing keeping you going!

Make sure you regularly check in with yourself and reinforce the reasons why you are building your business. I like to keep a running document on Google Docs which I regularly update with any evolving or new reasons why. (If you want to know more about the tools I use to be productive and organised, definitely check it out).

So, step one is all about getting clarity on your reason why.

2. Creating a Clear Idea of WHO Your Ideal Client Is

The next stage of building the foundation to your business is all about focusing in on your ideal client.

Having clarity on your ideal client is really important because it forms the backbone of your marketing, of your sales strategies and the way you present yourself within your business.

You can go sooo deep with this, and so there are a few points that you can check out in my ideal client worksheet below. It has more details on how to understand more about your ideal client and how you can use this to focus your offers.



Build a picture of your ideal client, as it’s such a key part of your business foundation. Once you know who you are working for, and who you are creating your business and offers for, you can actually build those offers!

So, step two is all about understanding your ideal clients. 

3. Understand HOW You Are Going To Help Your Ideal Client

So, now that you have some clarity on who your ideal client is, the final foundational element of your business is HOW you are going to help them.

This is the transformation that your service or product provides to your ideal client.

Creating an offer that helps your client get the transformation you want to give them is your business! These are the absolute key elements and knowing exactly HOW you are going to help your clients is what makes or breaks your business.

Deconstruct the info that you understood from your ideal client, and then use this information to break down exactly how you are going to structure your offer to help them.

You need to know all of this information to be able to market yourself and your services.

Of course, this is a huge topic, and forms the biggest part of your business. You will constantly be working at this and creating new and stronger ways to HELP your ideal client.

I hope you’ve found these foundational points really helpful to building your business! Let me know in the comments which you’re going to start working on first!