3 Rewarding Ways To Keep Track Of Plans, Goals + Achievements

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3 Rewarding Ways To Keep Track Of Plans, Goals + Achievements

Being Organised Comes Down To One Key Thing: Preparation

In the famous words “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” – if you don’t keep track of things and make sure you are on top of it all, then you’re unlikely to succeed. No-one can keep everything in their brain, it’s impossible! You’re not weak for needing to write down, keep notes, make to-do lists and monitor your progress: you’re the real MVP! Because the more prepared you are, the more organised you will be.

And this means you will:

  • remember all of your important tasks
  • make it to all of your meetings and appointments
  • stay calm and collected because you’re ready ahead of time
  • give yourself more time to relax and do what you want to do with your time
  • have more motivation to chase after your dreams
  • be more likely to succeed, with some stating it’s as high as 42% more likely for you to achieve goals if you write them down
  • give yourself the edge on others around you and appear more effective, professional, considerate and employable!

If you want all of these awesome benefits, then this post was written especially for you. Because I know what it feels like to not have all those things in hand. I know what it’s like to watch others who need to be organised struggle with this and put themselves in difficult positions because of it. Seeing people forget things they really shouldn’t have forgotten? Cringey and painful!

In today’s post, I want to share with you some highly useful ways to keep track of your plans, resolutions, goals and achievements, for a boost in organisation, productivity and positive mindset.

I hope you find this helpful and it gives you some ideas on how you can implement more positive habits and build that #dreamlife!

Build A Tracker + Use It To Monitor Progress

One of the biggest changes for me that I implemented in 2020 is building a habit tracker for the year and taking stock of my plans, goals + achievements. It’s titled “Living My Best Life” for that boost of motivation and positive thinking when I use it!

It’s built to help me keep track of the top 10 goals I set myself for the year, and the progress I have made towards each one. I can tick off when I achieve the monthly goals, and also take notes of how I get on with things. I like to be able to write comments which helps me when it comes to the future and also for my brain training!

I am working on my self-development so taking stock of my progress this way, talking about the things I found easy and the things I struggled with or need to improve on is really helpful.

I use Google Sheets to create my spreadsheets because it’s a free option that contains all of the functionality I need it for.

How I design my tracker:

  • I use a black outline border to separate the resolutions
  • I write a list of my top 10 resolutions down the left-hand side
  • I used a box for each month so that I can fill it once this has been completed
  • If the resolution is a one-off achievement, once it’s done I simply colour fill the whole year!
  • On each square I’ve also added in any comments I want to add for the monthly achievement, i.e one of my goals is to do a 5k run each month, so I write in the comment which date I did the run
  • On the right-hand side, I wanted a notes section so I can write down all of the different feelings I’ve had around the resolutions, plus any issues I’ve faced, improvements I need to make, or any happy or proud moments.


Some of the goals are covered for my own privacy! Gotta keep some mysteries 😉

I like to use this tracker on a weekly basis, and if I’m honest I do keep the tab open on my laptop pretty much constantly!

It helps me so much and I really enjoy having the visibility for the things I really want to achieve in 2020. Seeing them laid out so clearly helps me feel clear and organised and helps me see what else I need to tick off. Not only that, I do get the satisfaction being able to highlight those little boxes!

Using a tracker is a great way to get some clarity on your goals, and help build a productive schedule where you actually prioritise hitting your goals and getting these new habits bedded in.

Write Manifestation Notes To Help Encourage + Attract Your Dream Life

Another level of planning and trying to achieve goals for me is manifesting and positive thought processes around desire.

Now, I know manifestation as a whole isn’t for everyone and might feel a little bit unrealistic. Of course, I do my own research and I think for me it’s more about the positive mindset, the brain training and the desire for bringing things into existence. I’ve always been a fan of cosmic ordering and asking the universe for the things you really want. And I’ve always believed in karma! Things in life really do tend to come back around, and I do believe that if you treat people badly you’ll eventually feel the pain yourself too.

For me, writing notes where I basically manifest the things in life I want for myself is a really great way to make myself feel motivated, to get clear on what I really want in life, and to help me map out what my own #dreamlife looks like. Helping you achieve your own dream life comes from the clarity + the techniques I’m using to build my own. It’s only fair I give you the whole picture.

In the notes app in my phone, I just keep a couple of lists which detail everything I want for each area of my life. I go into each area thoroughly and breakdown all of the things that I want. This isn’t just material things, mostly it’s about the achievements I want to make in my career, my business, my relationships etc, and the feelings I want to have.

Taking notes of these things may help you feel much clearer and more aware of the things you really want in life, and this, in turn, helps you turn these things into a reality.

Collect All Achievements + Blessings So That You Can Practice Recognition And Gratitude

If you’re constantly feeling like you’re always chasing things and you never reach the end, then it’s maybe time to switch up your focus.

Turning your concentration instead to a mindset around gratitude and remembering all the things you’ve done well at will help you move forward with strength and resilience. You build these characteristics by being able to realise when you have done well in something. You give yourself room to feel more confident within your abilities!

If you don’t recognise when you do well and you don’t take stock of all the things you’re grateful for, you run the risk of losing sight of this completely.

Living a life where you focus on the negative things, the out-of-reach goals you’re chasing, the stress of missing out – you’ll never feel fulfilled. If your eyes are always ahead then you’re living in the future! Trying to live in the present moment will bring your best self to this current time. It will help you zone in and show up for the things that really matter.

Giving yourself a little party and clapping yourself on the back is vital. CLAP FO YO’SELF and don’t let anyone stop you from doing so! Feel proud for yourself and don’t worry about what others think. You deserve to feel good about the things you’ve done. So let yourself feel the pride and the gratitude for the good things around you.

Make Good Use Of All The Tools Available To You

Sometimes we can forget how amazing the tools we have around us are, and the level of functionality they have.

Remembering to use your phone to the max is probably one of the biggest tips I can give you. I’m still working on making use of the different apps and sites that are out there, I think I’ll be doing it until the end of my days!

Below are some of the best ways you can use your phone to help you plan, achieve goals + recognise achievements:

  • use the notes app to write down all kinds of things! Your manifestations/desires, your goals, your achievements, the things you’re grateful for, people you want to meet, business ideas, anything you like.
  • use your calendar and make sure you put in every single commitment you make. Agree to meet your friend for coffee? Put in it there! Book in your nail appointment? Add it in! Making sure you keep everything in one place will ensure you don’t forget.
  • use the available banking apps for your bank, credit cards and budgeting. Have everything to hand, keep track of your expenses, your balance, your debt + your budget.
  • use the blogging and social media apps to help you run your business/blog. There are so many different amazing things out there to help you run your business/blog. I love Preview for planning my Instagram feed which I find extremely helpful. You can schedule it in + it gives you a notification when it’s time to go. It also has so much hashtag help which I think definitely helps me as I grow my account. Lightroom is a blogger/YouTuber favourite, and if you’re looking for photo editing, I can’t really advise you of anything better. It’s provided by Adobe and is a high quality, detailed and free option for photo editing on your phone. Finally, I’d also recommend the Unfold app for creating artistic, on-brand Insta stories. It’s so easy to use and has a hell of a lot of free features which we can aaaall appreciate 😉
  • use the countdown app to help you remember specific important dates, and build excitement if it’s something special! I usually track my holidays on these on the front screen of my phone, but I also track nail appointments and payday at work!

Using the apps you have available will definitely help you and make you even more organised and productive. Don’t underestimate the power of these, and maybe try out some of the ones above for your blog if you’re keen to try out some new ones.

Working on the way you keep track of goals, plans + achievements will 100% give you positive results. You’ll see the effects almost immediately! By being more clear and aware of yourself and your desires you’ll see a path begin to form.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! For more content around mindset, self-development and lifestyle, please join our mailing list below and grab your very own personal development plan 100% free guide.