3 Ways To Shift Your Mindset + Achieve Your Goals

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3 Ways To Shift Your Mindset + Achieve Your Goals

Mindset Is The Biggest Factor

In this world, the biggest factor for achieving your goals is your mindset. In my opinion, it’s the one thing that makes the difference between being successful and potentially struggling to achieve what you want to achieve.

Most of the things that we want to accomplish are real things that we could definitely do. They aren’t silly, extremely unlikely things like going to the moon! However, we still struggle to achieve them. We put ourselves down and under-estimate what we are capable of.

In this post, I want to share 3 ways to shift your mindset, based on 3 things you actually want to do. You can use these to achieve your goals and reach for the life you want.

MINDSET CHANGE 1. I Need To Exercise, I’m So Unhealthy >> I Get To Look After My Body And Treat Myself Well

If like me, doing exercise doesn’t come naturally to you, then a shift in mindset will have a huge impact.

I spent my entire teenage years and my early twenties doing NO EXERCISE. I cannot even justify this, it was just down to laziness!

I’m 26 now, and I have come to the realisation that I cannot go through the rest of my life without doing exercise.

Not only that, but I want to do it for all of the benefits it gives you. It’s not only physical; there’s a lot of mental health benefits that come with it.

Most of my life, I have felt that exercise is a chore. Something that is hard work, and NEEDS doing.

Me and my partner recently joined the local gym. We are working on building a habit of going 3-4 times a week. I still struggle to find the motivation, and I am focusing on switching my mindset.

It’s all about focusing on that mindset of I get to look after my body. I have the things around me to able to do it. There are tools that enable me to build my strength and stamina, make myself healthier, and live a better life.

By switching up that mindset, exercise becomes a gift rather than a chore.

Try it for yourself if you struggle, and see how you feel each time!

MINDSET CHANGE 2. My Life Is A Mess >> I Have The Tools To Get Organised Again

Sometimes, we all have an overwhelming feeling that our life is a mess. It can be really awful. Getting stuck in that mindset is the worst thing we can do.

If you struggle with those feelings, then instead of getting stuck and bogged down, change your thinking.

Focus on the fact that you have an opportunity. You have the space to get organised and overhaul your life.

I think sometimes we find it hard to believe that we can make any changes to our life at any point. We wind up in this frame of mind that we are STUCK. It’s simply not the case.

Going into my own personal life a little; I was going to get married. To the wrong person. And I knew that I was going down a path I didn’t want to go down. So I made a decision. I pulled myself out of the situation and took myself towards a completely different future.

I’m telling you this because I want to use my personal experience to help you. If you want to make a change in your life, DO IT. You are free to make any changes to your life that you want!

If you feel like your life is a mess, then do everything that you can to change it. Get a notebook and simply plan out what you actually want to do with your time on Earth.

Write headers on each page; Love, Career, Home, Social, Hobbies, Health. Any areas of life you want to look at. Then write all about what you would love for each of them. You could even do my life audit, where you break this process down even further and get a full assessment of where your life is right now. You can use this to create a plan of how you can achieve your life goals + build your dream life.

Take control and take action to create the life you really want, and you’ll realise that your life isn’t a mess. You have all the tools you need to get organised again and be happy.

Grab your free personal development planner below and work through the steps to build amazing goals that get you to where you want to go.

MINDSET CHANGE 3. Stress Is Taking Over My Life >> I Deserve To Take Time To Care For Myself

Self-care is a huge talking point right now, and I am so glad that it is. We all deserve it!

However, in the current climate, we can all feel the pressure and the stress of running our lives.

Expectations of who we should be and what we should be doing with our lives are rife, and it can be hard not to listen to them. Dragging ourselves down and focusing on stress is almost impossible to avoid. I know some people find it easier than others, but it can affect all of us.

Instead of feeling crappy and that stress is all you know, instead shift your mindset to concentrate on self-care.

Everyone deserves to take time to care for themselves and treat ourselves to the things we want and need. For one evening a week or on a Sunday, simply spend time doing whatever it is you want.

If you want to sleep in, do it.

If you want to read a whole book, do it.

Think about all of the things you enjoy. What would you like to do with your evening?

Switching up your mindset in this example will make a massive difference in how you feel, and how you approach the issue. You will be able to heal yourself and give yourself the things you need to feel fulfilled, rested, and ready to hit the things that you need to deal with.

Shift your mindset and reap the rewards it brings to your life!