4 Ways To Go From A Scarcity To An Abundance Mindset


4 Ways To Go From A Scarcity To An Abundance Mindset

Abundance Means Prosperity

From childhood lessons learnt and the attitudes of those around us, we can end up with a scarcity mindset, rather than an abundance mindset. This can lead us to feel like we don’t deserve success and abundance, or that it just isn’t available to us.

You can end up focusing on the fact that you don’t have enough money and you’ll never have the things you want >>  SCARCITY MINDSET.

Instead, we want to develop the contrasting opinion, concentrating on the fact we have what we need, we can create as much income as we want, and money is completely accessible to us >> ABUNDANCE MINDSET.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you a few tips and tricks to help you change your mindset from scarcity to abundance, and how this impacts your personal growth + self-improvement journey.

For me, a huge part of my journey has been around learning to accept I can do whatever I set my mind to, and I can have whatever success I work for. Learning this and trying to let it lead me is a continuous journey, however, it’s so important.

Letting an abundance mindset lead you in the decisions you make, and not allowing fear to hold you back will help you so much on building your dream life.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and you can use them to start working on your money mindset. Abundance doesn’t just relate to money and finances, however, in this post we’re going to focus on the money aspect of affluence.

Positive Affirmations Of Abundance

I will never stop reinforcing the power of positive affirmations! If you’ve read some of my other mindset posts, you’ll know how much of a positive affirmation advocate I am.

Using abundance and success-focused affirmations will help you to build that mindset. They help to re-train your brain to see things from the perspective of accessibility and deserving.

Use positive affirmations around your home, in your phone, on your mirror, in your car – wherever you will regularly see them. Repeat them out loud to yourself as often as possible throughout the day. Focus, not obsession!

Some good abundance affirmations include:

⚡ I deserve success and fulfilment in my life.

⚡ I am living a life of luxury.

⚡ Money and success are mine for the taking, and I am allowed to earn whatever I want.

⚡ There are no limits to what I can achieve and the abundance I can bring into my life.

Repeating these and other similar positive affirmations help so much. The power of these will help you to change your thinking patterns and reach the potential within you. Your beliefs charge your thoughts, feelings and thus your actions. That ACTION is what determines what happens to you, what you accomplish and what kind of life you lead.

Make that action come from a place of strength, self-confidence and focus, knowing you deserve all the success you bring about.

Take Control Of Your Finances

I’m all about taking action, and for me, getting in control of your finances is one of the best things you’ll EVER do. It’s something you’ll never regret doing, which makes it time well spent.

It’s good for you in so many different ways, from making sure you have a stable situation from a practical point of view to reducing stress, giving you more freedom and helping you to feel GOOD about your money.

Having an abundant mindset will be impossible if your money is all over the place and you have no plan in place or any organisation going on.

Take some time to figure out a monthly budget, get clear on where you are with any debts and store cards etc and get clear on any investments/retirement plans you have. Understand where you’re at and where all your money goes each month.

Once you’ve done that, if you’re looking to grow more income streams and add more money to that pot, then there are plenty of options available to you. In 2020, we have more options with the internet and technology than ever before.

Take advantage of this, set up a secondary business, sell your services or products online, create amazing value and get it out there. Nothing is stopping you from sharing your unique talents and experience with others and making an income from it.

Mindset is all about the beliefs and the patterns in your life. If you take control of your finances you will feel comfortable and in charge of your situation. This will give you a stronger standpoint to be able to bring more abundance into your life.

Knowing you have the space to receive more abundance, and that you deserve to have it comes from a place of acceptance and knowing there is no limit to what you can have in your life.

Pursue Further Income Streams

A lot of the work behind going from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset is about challenging your thought processes. However, this step is focused on taking that action to make something HAPPEN.

If you want to have a more abundant lifestyle, then you need to do the work to bring more income into your life.

Whether this means focusing on your career and aiming to go up the ladder to earn more income, or starting a new venture of your own and making additional income this way – make moves to increase the flow of money into your life.

Inspired, focused action with intention is what will make the biggest changes if your life. If you decide to go after something with the attitude that you completely deserve it, you’ll be much more likely to get it!

For me, I wanted to work hard on moving forward in my career last year. I worked hard, showed my manager that I could take on additional responsibility and handle it well and that I was fully capable of managing accounts. I was promoted in April 2019 and was the obvious choice to take the role because I had shown my complete drive and desire to get the next promotion that became available.

I also run Beautifully Fragile on the side, and I’m using it and Instagram to build an amazing community of people that I can help with my experience, and eventually, my products. I’m currently working on a mindset program for release Summer 2020, which I’m extremely excited about. Check it out and sign up to the waitlist for more info!

Setting myself up to earn additional income and protect myself long-term is really important to me. Having the opportunity to earn additional income alongside my career is very exciting!

Stop Living In Fear + Live In Acceptance

A huge element of moving from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance is the switch from living in fear, to living in acceptance.

I don’t mean resigning yourself to where you’re currently at, in fact it’s more accepting where you’re currently at. Once you accept your situation, you will be able to look forward and take steps to reach your goals.

When you stop living in fear, you stop standing still. You unfreeze and you start living with intention to create the lifestyle you desire.

Fear can show up in many ways:

➜ worrying about money // telling yourself you don’t have enough money, you are struggling, you are in a bad position

➜ feeling like you can’t imagine a better situation // you don’t deserve more money, you wouldn’t know what to do with more money

➜ being frozen and stuck in your current place // no way out, nowhere to turn, nothing you can do about it

These beliefs are all born out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, fear of changing a situation that you might worry about, but you understand and it’s almost become comfortable.

Learning to stop this fear focused mindset and instead live in acceptance means you are able to take a step back and get a better perspective. You might have been living in a way and making certain choices built on those fearful thought processes.

In fact, if you deal with those beliefs and flip them on their head, then you can make decisions and do things in your life based from a place of acceptance and understanding.

You can be compassionate with yourself and say “OK, so here is where I am and what I’m currently dealing with. How can I make changes to get to where I want to be?”. You can be calm, collected and make choices that benefit that long-term vision.

I hope you’ve found these steps informative and helpful! You can connect with me on Instagram and send me a DM if you do, I’d love to hear from you!

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