5 Amazing Life Hacks For Women With Their Sh*t Together


5 Amazing Life Hacks For Women With Their Sh*t Together

Being a woman is awesome, and usually a lot of fun! We have a lot to be grateful and thankful for. However, there are lots of things that we have to deal with on a daily basis. We have to deal with periods, general hygiene, makeup and appearance-related issues, clothing, body image and all kinds of pressure.

In today’s post, I want to share with you some amazing life hacks that help you have an advantage and gain some more control over your life. These things will help you be more prepared and feel more organised when it comes to those unexpected turns that your day can take.

Being a woman is amazing! It’s time we felt that way a little more. By using some of these hacks, you might find you feel a little more relaxed, organised and stress-free.

1. Carry Spare Underwear & Feminine Hygiene Products At All Times

Being caught out is horrible. It makes you feel pretty crappy, and it also means that you might be uncomfortable and not clean for an extended amount of time.

It’s happened to all of us at some point, and I have forgotten to be as prepared as I would like to be on the odd occasion. Your stomach drops when you know you need a tampon or pad or whatever you like to use and realise you do not have one with you.

How do you make life easier and know you’re prepared for any situation that might arise?

Get some clean underwear, a selection of the feminine hygiene products you use, and maybe some feminine wipes, and create a mini survival kit. I’d advise having one kit in your handbag, one in your car, and then potentially one at your partner or family’s house depending on your situation.

Honestly, it just makes things so much easier to deal with. You might not have realised you were due on your period, or you might have underestimated how heavy you were going to be. It happens! So make sure you have things prepared so that you can deal with it and you don’t have to stress.

You’ll never regret carrying them with you and they’ll definitely come in handy I guarantee it!

2. Carry Health & Beauty Essentials For Touch Ups, Accidents & Issues

Sometimes we realise that we should have brought something with us, and we have no choice but to come to terms with the fact that we don’t have it.

We wish that we had that lip balm when our lips are really sore and making us uncomfortable. We cuss at ourselves for not popping hand cream in our bags when we realise just how dry and uncomfortable our hands are.

There are also instances where it’s a more health or medical concern.

You might cut your finger and not have a plaster. Or you might break a nail and not have a file with you so your jagged edge is getting caught all day.

Create a useful kit of all the things you are likely to need and pop it in your handbag. By doing so you won’t have to worry about not having everything you need, or you won’t have to ask someone else for it. I’ve had to ask pretty much everyone I work with for either painkillers or feminine hygiene products and I know it makes feel like a bit of a burden!

Being prepared and having a kit with you is much more appropriate, especially if you wanna be the woman with her sh*t together!

Here’s a list of my most recommended beneficial and helpful items to put in your bag:

  • lip balm
  • hand cream
  • face powder
  • plasters
  • pain killers
  • nail clippers/nail file
  • face wipes/baby wipes
  • kirby grips
  • spare phone charger
  • pen

Having things to had will come in handy for yourself, and if anyone else needs one of them, then you will be able to help them instead of being the one who needs help all the time. Being able to help people out when they’re in need is a great feeling!

3. Download A Period App To Keep Track & Be Prepared

I recently downloaded an app for my phone called Flo which you use to track your period each month. It’s actually really useful and has all kinds of extra features to help you be more prepared.

Within the app, you can log all your symptoms such as your flow, your mood, whether you had sex or not, what your symptoms are such as cramps, pain, headache and tender breasts, and more.

It helps to predict your future cycle, and the more data you enter into it, the more accurate it’s likely to be.

To be honest, I used to keep a track in my bullet journal, to make sure I knew when I was due on and so it didn’t catch me unawares. But I would forget to write it down sometimes and then I would lose track. This can cause big stress when I don’t know when my period is due, and this is something I’d like to avoid at all costs!

Having it on my phone means I cannot forget! Not only that but it means that when we decide it’s time to have babies, we can track everything in the same app as it has all those functions too!

Making sure you’re as prepared as possible will make life much less stressful and means you are ready for any eventuality.

If you go to Flo’s desktop website, there are also lots of really interesting and helpful articles related to women’s health.

4. Create A Drop Off Zone At Home

When you get home from a long and busy day, it can be hard not to throw stuff around and leave it where it lands. We take off our shoes at the door, throw our coat over the sofa, drop our bag on the floor.

By doing so, we make a mess, and we then need to go around and clean it all up again! We create more work for ourselves and add another job onto our chore list.

Instead, I recommend creating a drop off zone. This is a dedicated area for everything to be left when you get home from work. You can put everything in this space, and it’s clean and tidy. Not only that but it’s there when you need it!

I have two in my home due to the space in the flat.

I have the coat and shoe rack where both of these things go away neatly at the end of the day. We got ours from Amazon, and it is white like the rest of the living room furniture. Tucking it behind the door means that it doesn’t impose or take up more space than necessary.

On the other side of the living room, I have a white cube unit that holds our smaller items. We have a small white box with pretty lettering that holds my partner’s keys and his key fob for work, and he keeps his wallet on here too.

It has a little post box where we keep important letters and I’m currently looking for an additional house plant to go on this unit because I can never have enough plants 😉

5. Organise Your Clothes Based On Activity, Not On The Type Of Clothing

This one is something I have been doing with my clothes recently. It makes things a lot easier to manage and you can get dressed a lot quicker!

My partner couldn’t quite understand how it would work, because he said that I do so many different things that finding an individual slot for each would be impossible. This is the challenge, and it’s kind of about making the most of the space and minimising the amount of clothes I have in the first place.

I’ve always had a lot of clothes and have been on a hype for the past year where I’ve donated and thrown away so many of the clothes I used to have. I’m still a running joke in my family for the amount of clothes I have. Slowly turning the tides on that!

But looking forward, having a neater, more organised plan of how to store my clothes based on what they are used for is a smarter way to do things.

You could store your clothes in individual areas for:

  • loungewear
  • work outfits
  • nights out clothes
  • work out clothes
  • casual weekend clothes

Have an area for each activity you get up to, and you’ll find that getting ready is much easier and you can stress less about what you are going to wear. It also means you will be able to put stuff away and tidy up with ease because it’s washed and ironed together from being worn.

I hope you’re all inspired with these awesome hacks on getting your sh*t together and being prepared.

Of course, you cannot be prepared for everything and sometimes things just happen. Don’t beat yourself up! Do your best and handle it with as much patience and grace as you possibly can and crack on.