5 Steps To Spring Clean Your Mindset For Less Clutter + More Clarity


5 Steps To Spring Clean Your Mindset For Less Clutter + More Clarity

Spring Cleaning Your Mindset For A Clearer 2020

We’re steaming our way through March and the year is passing by so quickly! It’s amazing we’re almost through the first quarter of the year. Things have been a bit crazy for the past few weeks with the Covid-19 virus, and it’s a confusing and concerning time. All we can do is stay calm and do everything we possibly can to stay as healthy and hygienic as possible.

As things become busy and we all knuckle down with work, our businesses, our health + home life, it can be easy to feel cluttered and overcrowded. Our mindset becomes cloudy and we can struggle to feel clear and have that clarity in our lives. Not helpful!

In today’s blog post, I want to share my 5 favourite little steps to spring clean your mindset and help you reduce that clutter. We will look at how to retain that clarity and focus on goals, your passions, and overall fulfilment.

I hope you enjoy and find it damn useful. Let me know if the comments, or join my list + reply to any of my emails (I read + respond to them all!).

Step One – Have A Detox Weekend + Clear Everything Out

The first step to clearing clutter and getting clarity is to take some time and have a detox weekend.

Every couple of weeks I like to spend a weekend where I get caught up on everything I need to do. I hate long to-do lists. For me, when things start to build up, I look at how to get the decks clear.

Because the more overwhelmed our to-do list is, the stronger we feel the clutter, the build-up, the more our vision becomes cloudy.

Take a weekend (you could use this one we’re currently in, just sayin’) and have a complete detox.

There are a few different things that you can do to get the ball rolling with this:

  • clear out your space – all rubbish cleared out, all cleaning done, declutter your belongings, and get any house jobs either done or booked in if you can’t do them yourself
  • go through your wardrobe and look at ways to maximise what you own and remove the excess, the cheap quality, the damaged/scruffy // donate where possible, reuse and recycle if you can
  • optimise the items in your handbag – reduce clutter but make sure you have an emergency kit and have everything you need to be organised, prepared and efficient in your day to day life
  • do a brain dump and get everything out of your head onto paper – all the niggles, everything that you need or want to do, jobs and tasks that need sorting, people you need to see and appointments you need to make
  • start booking in any appointments that you possibly can, and get them locked down in a diary/calendar to make sure you go
  • organise your to-do list for the week ahead and make plans for getting the most important priorities dealt with first

By going through these points you will be able to get some of that clutter cleared out and you will feel much lighter. It will make it much easier to start getting some clarity for the rest of the year!

Step Two – Do A Month Audit To Review Your Current Position

Once you’ve created some space and removed the clutter, you can move on to doing a monthly audit.

If you read my post on creating a 6 monthly audit, you might have the deets to get on with this, but if you haven’t then we’ll just briefly go through it.

The basic premise is to review the past month and get clear on what went well, what you have accomplished, and any areas for improvement or further focus. 

You can write this down or simply think about the answers to these questions, but I prefer to use my notebook or the notes app on my phone. Having a clear review of where I am currently, what’s been working and what hasn’t and how I’ve felt over the past few weeks gives me a real sense of clarity.

From here, I’m in a much better position to move forward!

Take some time and go through the questions above. Give yourself credit for all the small and large accomplishments, the progress you’ve made towards your goals – all of it! Dig deep into your current position + this will really help you feel much clearer on where to go.

Step Three – Implement Some Healthy + Positive Habits

So, you’ve cleared and decluttered your space and your mind. You’ve audited your life and reviewed the past month’s progress and got clear on what you’ve achieved.

Step three is all about implementing some healthy and positive habits.

These will help boost your spring cleaning and the mindset shift to aligning with the things that really matter to you.

At the end of the day, we can all work on our health and bring in more habits that help us feel good, both mentally and physically. These might be simple things, or more dedicated, complicated things.

Some of my favourites that help me feel good, and that I’m working on myself are:

  • get a good night’s sleep, at least 7 hours – I’ve been using my essential oil diffuser and keeping it on my bedside table, where the noise, light fragrance and lighting helps me to sleep very well
  • drink more water – you’ve heard it before, enough has been said about this one!
  • journal, doodle, take notes – just get those thoughts out and down on paper. The good ones will stick around and become stronger, and the negative ones will seem much less serious and scary when you can see them in the bright light of day
  • catch negative thoughts – instead of running with them or ruminating on them, simply say STOP. And then focus on something else more positive and growth-centric. This will take some time to get ingrained in your head, but practice and you’ll see it happen much quicker and easier over time
  • start a project you are passionate about – something that takes your mind away and you lose track of time when you’re doing it
  • get outside, eat good foods and try new things, make new friends and have more fun and laughs
  • read more books – people know more about other things than you do and you can soak up that knowledge. Understanding other people’s perspectives is very important for understanding other people’s emotions and behaviours too.

Over time, these habits will become embedded in your daily life. Of course, you don’t have to choose all or any of mine – you could choose ones that are completely personal to you and your life.

It’s more about getting some healthy, growth-focused habits in your life that help support your mindset and build on the progress.

Step Four – Remember To Relax + Recuperate From Daily Stress

Alongside all of this growth and self-improvement, it’s important to remember to relax and take time for yourself. Self-care is still extremely important.

If you’re not looking after yourself and keeping yourself in a good state of physical and mental health, then any other success and progress will be tainted. You have to make sure you’re looking after yourself.

Don’t drain yourself completely trying to chase after progress constantly. You need to take time to do the things that make you feel good, the things your body is crying out for.

If this is a day in bed – DO IT.

It might be a night away by yourself – DO IT.

You could need a face mask + pamper sesh – DO IT.

There are many different ways that self-care might work for you, and it’s completely personal. Just do what you need to do because at the end of the day, your mental and physical health is THE MOST important thing.

You can’t compromise on looking after your well-being, at least not for long. Do some you-love today!

Step Five – Share Your Knowledge + Experience With Others

If you are working on your life and seeing real results from following these steps then please share them with other people. DM them your link using the little Whatsapp icon >>

Make sure that you are talking to your friends about growth and personal development. We mustn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about wanting to improve our lives and become happier, more fulfilled people!

We must work together and help support each other as we go through the journey.

It’s a life long mission that will never truly end, and there’s no competition with anyone but yourself from yesterday. Supporting each other and sharing the journey is the key to genuinely experiencing that fulfilment.

By sharing your experience you’ll help encourage others and this will make you feel really good. Knowing you are helping other people build their dream life and that your experience and tough times are building strength in others is amazing.

Take some time to talk to your friends about the things you’ve been trying, and you’ll probably be surprised that they’ve been out there doing new things and trying new tactics themselves! Share and encourage. Never tear people down. Always be the support and the voice you would want to hear if it was you.

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