7 Amazing Lists To Transform Your Life


7 Amazing Lists To Transform Your Life

Writing Lists Can Be Pivotal For Your Business

There is so much value to be found in writing lists for your business. You can use them to organise, plan, manifest and grow in your life and your online empire.

I love a good list! I’m constantly writing them up to create plans for my future and build more success in my life.

In this post, I want to share some of my favourites lists to write that help you transform your life.

1. Goals For The Future

Writing a list of your goals is really important. Once you know what your goals are and the things you want in life, you have a direction to aim in.

Goals are absolutely vital to pushing yourself forward and will help motivate, guide and inspire you.

You can create them for every area of your life. They will help you level up and make real change in the quality of your lifestyle.

People that write down their goals are also around 42%* more likely to achieve them!

If you want more support writing up goals, check out my post How To Set Goals For Success + Achieve Them Consistently.

*according to inc.com

2. Ideas For Products/Service Offerings

As a solopreneur, I’ve got complete freedom over the products and services I offer to my audience.

And because of this, I have constant ideas!

Keeping a running list of all the things I think I could offer and that would provide value is really useful.

Any time you have ideas or plans for your business and things you could offer, keep a running list so that when you need them, you have a long document full of ideas!

3. Ways That You’re Awesome!

Mindset practices that keep you feeling high vibe, confident and in control of your life are really important!

To keep determined to run your business, to keep motivated and pushing forward, you need a strong and resilient mindset.

Regularly keeping track of the many ways in which you’re awesome will really help you to keep confident. They will also keep those limiting beliefs at bay on the days you’re struggling with them.

Focusing on the ways that you’re awesome is a great thing to do, for your mind and your well-being. It’s not about being arrogant – it’s about recognising all of your good qualities and keeping them at the forefront of your mind.

4. Your Core Values In Life + Business

Another important thing to write down – the core values you hold in your life and your business.

It’s important to be sure of what you stand for and what kind of brand you want to create.

You need these at the beginning of your business too – to make sure that the choices you make are in line with your values, and that you’re heading in the right direction.

Remember to think about the kind of values that not only represent your brand in the most positive way but that you are also able to embody every single day when you’re going about your day.

For example, some of the core values for Beautifully Fragile are:

  • integrity
  • honesty and transparency
  • a supportive and encouraging environment
  • sense of humour and light-hearted approach

What are yours?

5. Lessons Learnt About Business

Another great list to keep is a list of lessons learnt.

When you find out something new and useful about business, blogging, coaching, marketing, whatever it might be that matters to you and your future, WRITE IT DOWN!

Keep that list going and keep adding to it as you go along.

You’ll constantly be learning and finding out new strategies and techniques as you go along, so you don’t want to forget them! Keep a list and make sure you add notes to it as you go along your journey.

6. IG Stories Ideas

Showing up on IG stories is really important for the overall visibility and growth of your business.

It’s vital to show up daily to maintain that connection and make sure your audience sees you as often as possible. This keeps you in the front of everyone’s mind!

One amazing list to keep is ideas for your IG stories, whether this is mini-trainings, chats, or other kinds of stories that provide that know, like and trust factor to your audience.

It will help you keep up with interesting and valuable content for those watching, and help you to stay current and in people’s minds.

7. Positive Affirmations For Success + Abundance

Its part of dealing with limiting beliefs – writing positive affirmations for success and abundance is a great way to destroy those negative thoughts.

Write out a list of all the positive statements about yourself and your life with all the success and abundance you desire. These would be I am and I have statements such as:

“I have all the income I want and need each month.”
“I am strong, confident and have the ability to build the business of my dreams.”

Keeping a list of positive affirmations and regularly reinforcing them will help you to think more positively in general. Read through the list, feel the positive emotions they evoke and focus on them every day to help boost your mindset.

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