7 Incredible Organisation Tips For Busy Office Life


7 Incredible Organisation Tips For Busy Office Life

Working In A Hectic Office Job Can Be Tiring & Chaotic

If you know, you know! Working in an office can be very hectic, and leave you feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed and out of control. If your role is anything like mine, you have deadlines, emails, targets and customer expectations to meet, amongst many other things. Over time, this can get you down, and if you don’t have any organisational strategies, you might feel more stressed than necessary.

In today’s post, I want to share with you some of my favourite organisational tips and tricks to help you feel more put-together. Being prepared and ahead of the game helps to reduce stress and makes life so much easier. Doing so gives you time to focus on the other things in your career that are more important, and vital to your overall success.

I hope you find these useful and see a difference when you start implementing them into your life! Let me know if the comments or DM me on Insta to let me know.

1. Prepare Your Lunches On Sunday For The Whole Week

By meal planning and prepping for the week ahead, you actually help yourself out in quite a few ways.

  • you will save money because you have a home-made lunch ready for you and you won’t be as tempted to buy something when you’re out that is likely to be expensive in comparison
  • you will feel less stressed because you will have solved a problem ahead of time
  • you can mix it up and choose interesting new foods each week
  • you’re likelier to have a healthy option because you are able to plan ahead and make good choices rather than ones made for convenience

Prepping your food is a habit that takes some time to get in your life, but you’ll immediately see the benefits. Buy some Tupperware pots and set them out of the counter. Make your food in bulk and place in the pots. Let them cool down completely and then put in the fridge. You can either heat the food each day when you’re at work or eat cold depending on what you have available to you.

I am an Account Manager and so I am on the road a lot of the time nowadays. I have to make things I’m happy to eat cold as I don’t have access to a microwave!

There are many different options for what you can make, depending on your diet and the things you like. Have a look for meal planning ideas on Pinterest or Google for plenty of inspiration on what to try first.

2. Choose An Appropriate Bag For Your Items

One of the biggest things I struggled with to begin with was having a suitable bag to carry my items around in. You might end up needing to carry a laptop and charger, many different notebooks, documents, files and more. You will also need to carry your personal items with you, so choosing a suitable option really helps.

You can be much more organised and prepared if you have everything together and ready in one bag.

I would recommend choosing something large enough to store your laptop and files, and also have both a long strap for across your body and small handles to carry in your hand.

Places such as ASOS and Next have plenty of different options, and Accessorize has some nice ones too. Have a look around and see what you can find online that suits your style and budget.

3. Create An Emergency Kit

Making sure that you have a kit full of useful emergency items will save you more times than you could ever think. They’re certainly worth sorting out, you’ll never regret taking the time to build one!

I carry most of this around in my handbag, as it’s more of a personal emergency kit. You could also get one together for your car or your workplace and keep it in the boot or a drawer.

In my handbag, I keep a selection of useful items that make me feel much more prepared and secure. I talk about this in my other related post, 5 Amazing Life Hacks For Women With Their Sh*t Together. The main things I keep in my handbag for my emergency kit is a spare pair of underwear, sanitary products, baby wipes, tissues etc. It’s also a good idea to keep nail clippers, a nail file, and travel sizes of your makeup items. It helps massively in feeling less stressed because I know if something happens I have what I need to sort myself out.

Another useful emergency kit to have is one in the car. I don’t currently have this sorted out but I really need to get one together! Things like a blanket, torch, bottle of water and first aid kit would be extremely practical to have in your car. I travel around for work and often do 200+ miles a day so it needs to be added to my to-do list to get this sorted. If something happened, and I was stranded or needed some minor first aid, having the kit might become a literal life-saver!

4. Use A To-List To Track Your Outstanding Tasks

I notice this all the time within my own place of work, and it baffles me that people don’t pick up on it themselves. Not having a to-do list is a sure-fire way to forget things and this can actually be very detrimental to your success within your role.

I’ve had a to-do list ever since I’ve worked in an office, and it’s saved my butt so many times!

I do a really simple to-do list that I just add new tasks to the bottom of every single time someone asks me to do something, when my manager asks me to get something sorted, or whenever I’m in the middle of something and another task comes up that I cannot do straight away.

Once I get to the bottom of the page, I start a new list and transfer everything outstanding from the previous list.

I also keep my notes from my customer meetings in the same notebook, and this means whenever I sit down at my laptop to get my admin work done, all I need is my one notebook. All of my outstanding tasks and my meeting notes are all together in one place and I can get on with my work. It keeps me organised, productive and motivated to get things ticked off my list!

5. Make Great Use Of Your Email Calendar App

Our company uses Outlook, like many others do, to manage email and our calendars. This is great because there is so many helpful articles online about Outlook and how to get the most out of it.

Some of my own favourite organisation tips for my email/calendar app are:

  • Putting all my commitments into my calendar, even personal ones (name them something like ‘private’ if you don’t want anyone else to know the specific event). This helps to make sure I never double-book myself, and that I know my agenda at a glance.
  • Adding in reminders for specific tasks that I need to remember to do at or before a certain time. This makes sure I do not forget important meetings, conference calls or deadlines, which is extremely important for my job
  • Emailing myself important documents and files with meeting titles in the subject, to make sure I’m prepared and have everything I need ahead of time

Using apps and programs to the max of their capability is a great way to be even more organised than you thought possible. There will be many different and further ways to use these for your own growth and professional development.

6. Keep A Clean + Tidy Desk Area/Office Space

Tidy desk, tidy mind really covers this point completely.

Having a clean and tidy desk makes me feel so much happier and like I’m ready to get some real work done. I don’t feel as overwhelmed when I’m not surrounded by clutter and mess!

Taking some time to clear up will make your life much easier, and give you a clearer vision of what you need to do each day. Here are some tips to help you with this process:

  1. Clear away all the rubbish, mugs, and any clutter of items that shouldn’t be there
  2. Go through your papers and organise them in to keep, dispose or file piles. Once done, spend the time actually putting those items into the right places!
  3. Get some filing systems in place. This might mean buying some filing trays for things that are needing to be dealt with, things that are in progress, and then things that need putting away elsewhere/filed. Keeping up with this process will make your life much simpler, reduce the chances of things being lost, and also make you more productive and effective within your role. It also helps if people regularly bring things to your desk – instead of just leaving them on your desk and making things a mess, you can encourage people to put them in your filing trays.
  4. Reduce the number of personal effects you keep on your desk to just a plant, some stationary and a couple of photos. The personal touches are really nice and help keep you positive and keep your mood up, but having too much might be distracting and lead you to feel cluttered again.
  5. Clean everything, use a surface cleaner to clean your desk and then an appropriate cleaner to do your computer/laptop and all of your accessories. Once you have tidied, making things clean and fresh is a great finishing touch and will help you keep it tidy long-term.

You will see the benefits of keeping your desk clean and tidy almost immediately. It will help you to stay organised, and make sure that important documents and information never gets lost. You’ll be seen as more reliable and trustworthy because you have kept on top of everything and you have stopped losing important things!

Spend some time one evening this week and let me know how much better this makes you feel.

7. Create Files In Your Home Drive + Save Copies Of ALL Important Documents/Forms

Within your role you might have to create important documents or fill in forms and give to other people as part of your processes. Sometimes these forms can get lost, damaged or put away in the wrong place and cause real issues for you and others within your business.

This is easily fixed by simply saving copies of all documents/forms within your computer to make sure if you ever need to print off a duplicate you can do!

I keep my files organised and add individual files within my home drive for each type of document I create. If anyone ever loses one of my documents or questions what something contained I can send through another copy. Not only does this save time, it also means I can provide evidence that I have completed a task, and I can give another copy without having to start from scratch.

I hope you’ve found this post useful and it’s given you some ideas on how to be more organised at your office job.

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