7 Productive Ideas For The Best GYST Day


7 Productive Ideas For The Best GYST Day

How To Get Your Sh*t Together + Be More Organised, Productive and Feeling Good

We all need those days when we literally get our sh*t together. Over time, when you have a busy life, things build up and we need to get sorted out. You can end up with a lot of outstanding issues that you need to deal with. Things build up on you and you start feeling under pressure and stressed out.

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to have a GYST day and just get caught up. You just need to sit down and deal with the things on your head. Stress comes from not doing the things you should be doing, so here are the best ways to get rid of that starting today! By getting these things done, you can move on and concentrate on the stuff that you actually want to be doing.

In this post, I am going to share with you 7 productive ideas for your very own GYST day. Please let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas!

1. Book The Appointments You Have Been Putting Off

In my early twenties, I realised if I was sick and needed to go to the doctors I would just book it myself. But some people just put it off! I saw the jokes and memes online.

I know the feeling; taking responsibility for these things is boring and annoying and some people do just genuinely struggle with the anxiety of calling and booking in.

But once you can get past that stress, or the fuss and just get it done, you will feel much better for it!

Just taking control and managing this for yourself will be a huge achievement. Get all booked up, for the doctors if needed, the dentists, the opticians, everything.

Do it all at once and put them in your phone calendar. Make sure you go to each appointment and be proud of yourself! By ticking these things off it’s a huge relief and you can rest easy knowing you’ve sorted it out.

2. Clean Out Your Car & Fill With Useful Items You Definitely Need

This is something a lot of us put off doing. We build up all kinds of rubbish, clothes, work stuff and more in our cars, and just being busy or disorganised means we don’t sort it out! I end up with a ridiculous amount of rubbish in my car. I drink a lot of Pepsi Max so there tends to be a lot of empty cans in my car #notproudtoadmitit!

Once a month, take a plastic bag and clear out all the rubbish. Gather up all the clothes and shoes or whatever else and take them back to their correct places! Be good and just sort it out!

Next, you need to create a useful kit of items that everyone should have in their car.

Depending on where you live, this might differ slightly. However, in the UK like me and it can be cold and wet, you are likely to need the following:

  • blanket
  • torch
  • bottle of water
  • safety triangle
  • phone charger

Planning ahead and being as prepared as possible will make your life easier! You’ll thank yourself when you need one of those things. It’s always better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it.

3. Declutter A Room In Your Home

To be honest, it can be pretty overwhelming to see the YouTube videos and Instagram posts of people organising, cleaning and tidying. You look at your own space and feel like it will take you all year to get as tidy as those people!

I was one of those people not too long ago, and my home still has a way to go when it comes to being as organised and coordinated as I would like.

But I don’t feel overwhelmed any more, and that’s because I break it down into small, achievable chunks!

Today, I spent all afternoon going through my wardrobe and chest of drawers for example.

Just break your rooms up into easy to sort out spaces, and then start working on it. Take time to split it out and take it easy. Pace yourself to stop yourself from getting too overwhelmed and procrastinating rather than being productive.

Don’t avoid doing these things because they seem unrealistic. Instead, just divide the task up and get stuck in with one part first. Once you get going, you will realise just how achievable these things really are.

4. Clear Out Your Kitchen Cupboards

We all tend to build up items in our kitchen cupboards that are either out of date, spoiled, or we no longer use them.

Every couple of weeks or so, it’s important to clear out your cupboards and get rid of these things!

The more you keep on top of it with a quick sweep through, the easier it becomes every time. And not only that but the less chance you have of coming across something gross or cooking with something risky. And that is definitely a good thing…

5. Start Working On That Project You Have Been Putting Off

Busy lives – careers, family life, and running your home. All of the things in life can stop you from doing the things you really want to do.

That thing that you’re passionate about?

It’s your calling!

You deserve the time to work on it and spend time around it. Our passion projects are so important, and yet we push them to the back because we have other things to do.

Of course, you need to focus on your career because you have bills to pay. I would never encourage you to quit your job and run off parasailing every day and screw the consequences! I talk more about this in my post about blogging and keeping my day job.

But I definitely advise focusing on your passion and making the time to pursue it. It’s a huge part of having a fulfilled, happy life! Don’t be afraid to chase after it. 

Be in the habit of putting yourself first and being selfish about your needs. You need to take time to recognise the things that matter to you and the things that make you happy! 

6. Do A Life Audit

It might sound a little strange, but auditing your life is actually really easy to do.

Basically, it involves going through each area of your life and working out what’s going well, what you’re really happy with, and what needs work. You can do this in various different ways, but I’ve written a post walking you through completing your very own 6 monthly life audit – definitely worth spending a little time doing.

It helps you to get on track, get ready for the next few months, and have a focus of what you really want to achieve. 

Knowing what position you are currently in means that you can set yourself the right goals and move towards the dream life you really want. 

7. Shower, Scrub, And More Self-Care

On a GYST day, it’s important to also schedule in a small amount of physical self-care.

You might have got to a point where showering if a really tough thing to do, and something you only manage on your best days.

Or you might just do it out of habit, and that’s great!

But take the time on this particular GYST day to shower, scrub your body all over with your favourite body scrub, moisturise entirely, and do whatever else self-care you want to do.

If you don’t have a scrub to hand, you can easily make your own with white granulated sugar and any kind of oil. I have a bottle of avocado oil that I use, and I sometimes add in a drop of peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil.

Taking the time to look after yourself physically can be a real reset. It can help you feel rejuvenated and sort out your mood from stressed to pampered!

I hope you have enjoyed this list of 7 productive hacks for your best GYST day! We all have to make those days happen, and the more effective we can make them, the better.