Awesome Graphics Ideas For Your Blog + Creative Business

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Awesome Graphics Ideas For Your Blog + Creative Business

A Huge Surge Of Popularity // Not Just Your Pinterest + Featured Image Graphics!

Creating cool graphics for your blog or creative business is a great idea. They are an amazing way to get your message across to your readers in a simple, consumable content-style. This is more than just your usual Pinterest and blog graphics that you create for featured images.

These are more original and outside the box, for other purposes.

Today’s post has been inspired by the graphics I create myself for Beautifully Fragile. All of these I’ve either done myself, and I’ve shared my own example, or I’ve tried and tested them on Canva – who I ALWAYS use for creating anything for my blog.

I wanted to share my ideas and the reasons why I make them:

  • People can easily see what you’re trying to tell them // They’re a simple, uncluttered way to get across a key point to your audience
  • They can help you spread awareness or information on topics in your blog // They help you share value
  • They look professional and build brand awareness // They make you look professional and ahead of the curve

In today’s post, I want to share some cool graphic ideas that will help you with brand recognition, providing value to your audience, and reaching new audiences. I hope you find these useful and give some of them a go! You can post them on Instagram and Pinterest, which I’ve seen work best for me, or wherever else works well for you.

Let’s get on with it then!

1. The Doughnut Graphic

The first graphic I want to share with you is the aptly named doughnut graphic.

This is a doughnut-shaped image that you divide into sections. You can then add overlay text to each section to help inform about a specific subject.

I love this design and think it stands out amongst many of the more square images!

Below is an example of a doughnut graphic I created for building a resilient mindset. I was very pleased with it! I think it looks great and helps my audience to learn something and keep motivated.

doughnut graphic // resilient mindset

2. The Quote Graphic

Another, very popular, type of graphic you can create is a quote graphic.

These are a great way to get your brand out there, and you can become extremely recognisable for these. You can repeat the exact same style, change the quote, and you have a collection of branded graphics which people will instantly know come from you.

These tend to do especially well on Pinterest, and can really help boost your reach.

I create various types of graphics for my blog and Instagram that are themed to match my content + branding style.

Below are some of the ones I’ve created to give you an example of what you can create.

3. Swipeable Infographics

Instagram is a pretty key part of my overall blogging strategy, and I can only imagine the same applies to you. I spend a lot of my creative energy focusing on how I can make content for my Instagram that helps, teaches and inspires my audience.

A great way to provide interest and value is to create a swipeable set of images for your Instagram profile that tells a story.

These are becoming increasingly popular, they help maintain someone’s time on your profile, and give something a bit different to the usual.

Creating a swipeable is easy to do, just create a set of images and add multiple when uploading to Instagram!

Below is an example of one I created for my Instagram, which you can check out on the Beautifully Fragile Insta profile.

swipeable instagram infographic

As you can see from the three examples I’ve shown you – the branding is there. The colours, fonts and style of content matches and flows through each graphic.

When making items it might seem repetitive, but actually this is a good thing! It means you are being cohesive, and people will be receptive to this. Your true audience will love it!

4. Long-Form Infographic

The fourth type of graphic I want to share is the standard infographic that you might see. These usually consist of words more than anything else and help teach a simple point.

I like creating these and even though they’re more time-consuming, I do think they’re very impressive and helpful when they’re done.

You can create these around all kinds of content and valuable information, and be as creative as you like with it. They can be very attractive, and also extremely useful to your audience.

Below is an example of the one mentioned, let me know what you think to it!

personal development infographic

5. Opt-In Graphics

Email marketing and building an email list is very important as a blogger.

I love creating email marketing content, and especially the kind of opt-in graphics that help encourage you lovely readers to sign up to my email list. Sharing that exclusive, extra-special content to my blog besties is so awesome to me!

Creating the graphics around opt-ins and encouraging those signups is a great way to build that trust from your readers, and entice them to swap their email list for your content.

Below is an example of one of the graphics I’ve created. I add this above sign-up forms to help people know what they’re going to get from me.

From Canva, I created the actual opt-in document, which is a PDF. Next, I created this graphic and over-laid images of the PDF to show the person what they would be getting from me if they signed up.

This is really effective, because it shows the reader what to expect, and looks professional.

Again, these are one of my favourites graphics to create! Being able to create these is really helping me build my email with amazing subscribers, whether it’s for my blogging content or my personal growth + self-improvement content.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little guide of 5 different cool graphics you can create for your blog + online business. There are so many different graphics you can make – that’s one of the best things about this gig. You have complete freedom!

Now you might be working from home a lot at the moment, due to the current situation. Spending some time working on your creative pursuits is good for your mind, keeps you working away, distracts you and provides some comfort. I would love to see your content so please feel free to tag or send me your images!