Create A Life Audit To Review Your Life


Create A Life Audit To Review Your Life

Reviewing Your Progress + Auditing Your Life

Life is an on-going process and self-development focuses on the long game. When you are setting goals and trying to build your dream life, it’s vital that you take stock of where you’re. Reviewing your progress is important because you need to make sure that you are recognising your achievements, spotting chances for improvement and working on getting better with choosing your goals.

Auditing your life is more fun than it sounds – if you are on this blog then I can only assume you’re interested in personal growth + building your dream life, so you’ll know this kind of thing is necessary! Making time to do these kinds of exercises, being completely self-aware, and using it to propel yourself forward is the way to succeed in life.

In this post, I am going to share you with you my 2019 life audit, and the reasons why you should do it for yourself. I hope you find it inspiring, and see some great results from progress checking yourself!

Why You Should Do A Life Audit This Summer

If like me, you are interested in personal development and growing as a person, then you will love the whole idea of a life audit.

The basic principle is to review where you are in your life right now, and where you are heading. Seeing where you are, allows you to figure out what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

When it comes to learning and growing as a person, self-reflection is the first step. We cannot move forward in the right direction unless we know where we are.

Creating a life audit will allow you to reflect on your current position, and then use this to grow and move forward with your life.

How To Create A Life Audit For Yourself

There are a few different questions that you need to ask yourself in order to create your own life audit. These questions help you self-reflect and dig deep within yourself to find out what your current position is.

Use whatever works best for you to write down the answer to these questions: a notebook, scrap of paper, the notes app on your phone. As long as you get the answers out of yourself, then it doesn’t really matter how you write them down!

Work through each question, being as detailed as possible. Personally, I like to break my life down into different sections: family, social, career, health, home, finance, and hobbies/interests. Be completely honest with yourself – no-one needs to know the answers apart from you so don’t feel self-conscious.

By dividing up the areas of life, you can get a full perspective of what has been happening within your life as a whole. You need to work on all of the areas rather than just focusing on one, to ensure you have a more rounded life. Fulfilment comes from satisfying each building block of life to a certain level of success.

Take a look at the questions below to work out your current position and get a feel for where you want to go.

1. What Are Your Achievements? What Are Your Wins For The Year So Far?

Write a list of all of the things that have happened so far in the year that you are proud of! Take the time to go through all of the different areas of your life and figure out the real achievements and movements you’ve made.

Are you in a new relationship? Have you made progress within your fitness? What about your career, did you get a promotion? Or even simply positive feedback?

Write about the things you have smashed this year so far!

You need to look at the things you have achieved and be proud of them. You deserve to think about the things you have done well and give yourself a little round of applause for them! 

Take the time to go through everything you have done well, the things that make you proud. Write down all of the details and flesh out the list. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself in this section, that’s exactly what it’s for!

2. What Are Your Goals For The Rest Of The Year? Which Milestones Are You Aiming For?

For the next section of your life audit, you need to write about all of the goals you have for the rest of the year.

This is a great way to figure out where you want to head over the rest of the year, and what you want to accomplish. Regularly drawing up goals and realigning yourself based on the ultimate things you want out of life is key to actually getting them!

From my personal experience, you cannot get the things you want in life unless you know exactly what they are. You have to narrow down the things you want and really hone in. Look at each area of life and then think about the things you want and the ways in which you can improve that part of your life. Take care to write down as much detail as possible on each goal, to make sure you are completely clear on what the dream situation looks like.

Focusing on the goals you have is great! Get creative and get excited about the awesome things you want to achieve. However, do please remember to come from a place of self-care rather than overworking and overwhelming yourself with too much pressure.

3. What Isn’t Going Too Well In Your Life? What Areas Are Lacking Right Now?

Listen to your gut and think about the things in your life that aren’t bringing you as much joy as others.

Where are you feeling like you’re lacking?

Having the courage to be able to face the areas in your life that you are struggling in is a huge thing. Only once you know where you aren’t quite as satisfied, can you start to work on building it up. You need to be able to see things clearly and honestly, without any judgement on yourself.

You might be making great progress within your career but you feel tired and sluggish, and need to work out more often. Or you might have a great friendship but don’t spend enough time with your family.

In this part of the life audit, make sure that you are as honest as you possibly can be. Whilst it might not be easy, it’s definitely important. Don’t dwell on them too much, use them as a positive springboard to get what you want. Motivation comes from the drive and desire to improve and to move forward. Without knowing where you can improve you have nowhere to go!

4. What Three Things Have You Learnt During The Past 6 Months?

The final part of a life audit should focus on the things that you have learnt during the period you are reviewing.

It is vital that we remember the lessons we have learnt and the positives they have taught us.

Write down the three things that you have learnt and how you came to learn them. Think about the good and bad things surrounding the lesson, and the life experience you have gained from these things. All of these four points together helps you build a life audit that gives you a clear overview of your life progress. I hope that you have found the life audit useful, and feel a real positive impact from going through each point!