Don’t Buy These Things For A Clutter Free Home!


Don’t Buy These Things For A Clutter Free Home!

Tidy Home = Tidy MIND!

Our homes end up being full of clutter. We buy lots of things, we get given things, it all just accumulates. There is a movement right now for minimalist living, being organised, tidy and decluttering our homes as much as possible. Personally, I love this movement! I’m not saying my house is like this because it’s really not! It’s all about the mindset, the changes I am making, and the tips I can share with you all.

Every month, I feel like we are moving to a more organised, streamlined and tidy home and switching my mindset.

I’ve always been obsessed with having lots of things and I cannot lie to you right now. I’m still the kind of person that likes buying new things and I can’t help it! It’s how I’ve always been. As a kid, I always spent my pocket money immediately. I knew what I wanted to buy, and I damn well bought it.

However, as I go through my twenties, I’m coming to that realisation that the things I own don’t make me truly happy. They give me a surface level satisfaction, and I will always want to curate my belongings of lovely things that I use and need to live. However, I’ve gone from wanting to buy whatever I want, to wanting to buy specific things that make my life easier or that I need to function.

Quality over quantity!

Anyway, getting to the point of this post! Today I am going to share with you my list of things to avoid buying to have a less cluttered home.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a list of things you’ll never want to buy again!

Things To Not Buy For A Clutter-Free Home

This is a list of the things that you can avoid buying to reduce the clutter in your home and keep you as organised as possible.

Books & Magazines

This is something that we should be minimising if you ask me. I love books as much as the next person, but they are one of those things that we read once or twice and then that’s it. They take up a lot of space, and we end up simply getting rid of them in spates over the years! Please do not buy them if you can avoid it!

Go to any charity shop/second hand shop and see the thousands of books there. It will encourage you to avoid buying more of them and eventually adding to this overflow. Use digital book apps; I love the Kindle App and have it for my phone, so I can read on the go. You can also read magazines online.

DVDs & CDs

For the same reason as before, we can get all of this content digitally now. It makes no sense to fill our homes with DVDs and CDs that take up space, and eventually end up being thrown out when we get bored of them.

It seems like everyone has Netflix or Amazon Prime Video now, and it makes sense!

We are able to pay a small monthly cost and have access to all kinds of movies and TV shows without having to buy all those cases that take up serious real estate in our homes.

We also have Spotify or Amazon Music now too, which is a great way to avoid buying any CDs. Not only does this mean we can listen to anything we want to at any time without having to wait to get the CD, but it also means we are saving heaps of space.

We can even plug these into our car and listen to our music on the go.

In this day and age, there isn’t really any reason to be buying these items and filling up our homes with them. Not only are these points good for your home and organisation of your space, it’s also good for the planet long term. The less we buy, the less that demand is, and the supply will dry up.

A Landline Phone

If you have a mobile phone, then you really don’t need a home phone anymore! We moved into our flat back at the end of January and we haven’t installed a landline at all. We haven’t missed it once, and no-one has questioned it when it comes to everyone who needs a phone number from you.

It saves space, we don’t have to have the clutter of the landline hanging around or provide an end table to keep it on. It also saves us money as we don’t pay for any call charges on our monthly bill.

We are currently with Sky for our broadband and we also have Sky TV. We didn’t get the landline with it, because we just don’t need it!

If you can avoid having a landline, I promise you won’t miss it.

Holiday Clothes & Shoes

I can absolutely assure you that you have enough clothes and shoes to wear on your holiday!

It might feel weird, but actually, you don’t need to buy a load of new clothes and shoes for your next trip away.

When you realise what you wear when you’re away, I’m sure you already have these clothes in your wardrobe! It’s more the habit of going “holiday shopping”, and that expectation that it’s what you do that makes you do it.

Think about all the things you currently own and make use of them on your next holiday.

Need some shorts? Do you have an old pair of jeans that you could transform?
Looking for some vest tops to take with you? Do you already have some cami tops in your drawers that you could use?

It’s all about making the most of what we already have, and avoiding that mindset that we need to buy every time something is happening to us!

Different Cleaning Products For Each Room Of The House

In my personal opinion, cleaning products are mostly a waste. We end up with a cupboard full of different cleaners for every room, and we really don’t need them!

Buy a good multi-surface cleaner and use it for everywhere. There isn’t anywhere you can’t use it!

I use my Method multi-surface cleaner in my kitchen, living room, bathroom and anywhere else I need to clean. We have micro-fibre cloths which we wash, and that’s it really. We do have some other cleaning products for glass etc, but you only need one surface cleaner for your home.

Additional Clothes – Create A Wardrobe & Replace Only

I know this one can be really difficult. Clothes are one of my favourite things! However, I know that by buying fast fashion I am:

  • adding to the clothes ending up in landfill [read about this more in this article from the Government Europa EU website]
  • filling up my house with items I don’t really need, and having to store, clean and organise them
  • spending my money on things that I don’t really need
  • making myself feel guilty by doing all of the above!

Working on only buying high quality items of clothing and replacing them only when needed is the best way to save space in your wardrobe.

There are lots of positives to doing this, of course. One of my favourites is that it reduces the amount of washing you end up doing!

Make the most of what you have – and learn to appreciate each and every item.

This is a way of thinking that I am still working on. About a year ago, I had so many clothes it was ridiculous, and most of them didn’t make me feel particularly good about myself.

It is one of my goals for the rest of 2019 and moving into 2020 that I reduce the cheaper clothes and replace with longer wearing, better quality pieces.

Making this change will make a massive difference to how cluttered your home is, and how much easier it is to keep organised.