Fixed Vs Growth Mindset + How It Can Help You Get What You Want


Fixed Vs Growth Mindset + How It Can Help You Get What You Want

The Difference Between A Fixed + Growth Mindset

These are two opposite ends of a spectrum and basically define how you think about yourself and the situations you face. It’s your perspective, and the choice you make in how to feel about things.

A FIXED MINDSET = someone who believes that life just happens to you and there’s nothing you can do to impact your level on pre-determined intellect, skill, talent or success. They likely live on auto-pilot and don’t make conscious choices to improve their life.

A GROWTH MINDSET = someone who believes that every situation is a chance to learn and improve and they are always able to grow, develop and evolve into a higher level of themselves. They see challenges as opportunities. They are also more likely to go after their goals + achieve success.

In today’s post, I want to share more info on why this is so important and how you can develop a growth mindset. There are some real actionable tips you can use, and they come from work I’ve done in my own life and research constantly in motion, to help you live with intention + make sh*t happen for YOU.

Why You Want A Growth Mindset

When you first move into the personal growth space, mindset is one of the BUZZ WORDS you’ll hear constantly. This is because it forms the basis of your thoughts, beliefs and the way you process the world around you. It’s basically your attitude and the way you choose to move through life.

There are all different types of mindsets and variations of mindset skills that you can bring into your life.

Things such as gratitude practice, dealing with negativity, healthy money mindset and many more come up within the personal growth work I focus on.

Growth mindset is basically focused on your ability to learn and grow. It’s very foundational and forms the basis for whether you’ll be able to bring in any mindset work into your life.

Because if you believe that you can learn, grow and develop your skills, thoughts, beliefs, patterns and your ability to bring success into your life then you’ll be able to use mindset work, personal growth strategies and work on yourself.

If you don’t believe in being able to improve and evolve yourself, then you’ll find you won’t be able to move forward!

It’s all about putting in the work and taking ACTION based on intentions and with a plan in mind to change your existence, to work on it and build it into something you’re immensely proud of.

SO – if you don’t believe you can improve your skills, if you think these things are pre-determined and there’s nothing you can do, then you’ll find that you’ll embody this. And you won’t be able to improve.

How To Switch To A Growth Mindset

For me, this boils down to self-awareness and a desire for improvement.

You might have been living life, ticking along and come across the whole personal development world and be like WOW! What is this place?! It’s so full of hope and it makes me feel like I’ve got a PURPOSE!

And then realise that you’ve got some pretty limiting beliefs that hold you back and make you feel like you are who you are. That you’re stuck with your lot and that you should just put up with it.

You’ve inadvertently come up against a fixed mindset.

But this isn’t a fault, it’s not something you’ve done wrong. It’s just how you’ve developed over the years, based on the thoughts and feelings of those around you, the lessons learnt and your previous thinking.

But now, you’ve got SELF-AWARENESS.

This is huge because simply by becoming self-aware, you’ve removed one of the huge limiting beliefs within itself. You are able to learn and grow, because you just did it, accidentally or not 😉

Now you’ve got a huge world of exciting opportunity opening up in front of you. It’s an amazing feeling!

The other way that you can begin to develop a growth mindset would be a DESIRE FOR IMPROVEMENT. Maybe you’ve been going through life recently and wishing for more.

Maybe you want to get a new job or a promotion, or you want to start your own business. Or you want to travel more and see the world, meet a new partner or gain a new skill.

Either way, once you’ve started to see the possibilities for improving and growing your skills, up-levelling your life and more, you’re on the way!

How To Start Developing Your Growth Mindset

There are lots of things that you can do to improve and develop your growth mindset.

As we mentioned before, self-awareness is a huge part of this. It’s a continuous thing! By carrying on being aware of your thoughts and feelings and challenging them as they come up, you’ll begin to notice patterns and repetition.

For example:

You might think that you’re not going to be able to get a promotion at work because you don’t have enough experience.

A fixed mindset would say “well, no point in trying.. it is what it is”. And that would be that!

A growth mindset would say “okay, so what do I need to learn to have enough experience/skills?”.

Reframing the question means you’re thinking about your growth and how to actually achieve the thing you want, rather than resigning yourself to a fate of not even trying because it’s inevitable.

Practice this regularly, with small and big things. It may well come up pretty often, I realised I’ve picked up so many limiting beliefs and this happens to me all the time! I have to CATCH myself, I’m like wait a minute!!

It’s definitely something you will have to practice and work on, so don’t stress if you find it happening a lot. You’re going to be aware of it, which will bring it to the forefront more often.

If you want more info and guidance on developing a growth mindset, then I’ve got this amazing guide for you! It’s called the Growth Mindset Magic Kit and you can check it out below.


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