How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed & Get Clear On Your Future


How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed & Get Clear On Your Future

The Overwhelm Is REAL

Feeling overwhelmed and under pressure is very real in this day and age is really common. We’re all getting so much information on a daily basis, from the people around us, the media, online and everywhere. It’s hard not to feel like there’s a million things going on!

We often spend time looking at Instagram at Karen who’s doing yoga, she’s reading all the time, smashing out stunning selfies and looks amazing 24/7. We speak to our friends and hear that this person is doing amazing, or this person is so successful.

Too much focus on this kind of thought processes can be damaging.

We have lots of things around us that make us feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and basically useless. It is hard work sometimes, and it can make us feel like giving up.

Fighting those negative feelings, and instead focusing on the positives around us isn’t always easy.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you some of my top tips for dealing with overwhelm, and teach you some of my favourite techniques for focusing on your future.

Teach Yourself To Change That Negative Self-Talk

We all have that voice in our head, that lives alongside us. Most of us talk to ourselves regarding everything that we come across.

Sometimes, our inner voice is very negative. It tells us that we aren’t good enough, that we can’t achieve the things we are trying to do, and that we don’t deserve happiness, success or an exciting future.

Learning to stop that negative self-talk and instead become much kinder to ourselves isn’t easy. It’s something that you have to practice.

Every time you hear that inner voice say something like “You can’t do this. You should give up now”, then please just say STOP! You have to teach your brain to change the way it reacts.

Pull yourself up for it, and instead focus on telling yourself the positive angle – “You can do this! You will get through this!”.

It won’t happen straight away, but trying to do it each time will slowly retrain your brain and you will find yourself being more positive each and every time something happens.

Learn That There Is No Such Thing As Perfect

I know that I have always been a bit of a perfectionist, and actually this isn’t a good thing. It means that I get bogged down in trying to make things perfect and don’t actually do anything. Or I make myself feel rubbish, and don’t want to do it anymore because I convince myself I’m not good enough.

Learn to appreciate the fact that you are amazing as you are! Come to the realisation that actually you are good enough.

Get the thing done. Get it out there and stop stressing over making it perfect.

I always watch my favourite YouTubers and realise that they make mistakes and they mess up, but do they edit it out? No! Because they know that real people make mistakes, real people aren’t perfect. We relate to them much more because they aren’t being unrealistic. They are being honest, and they are showing their real selves.

Perfection is boring, anyway. The exciting, beautiful and amazing things are the real things. The messy hair, the crumpled bed sheets, the long days editing and taking photos, the cuddles and the quickly thrown together meals, the laughing at stupid jokes and tripping up on the way to the kitchen to make coffee.

Don’t let perfect stop you being yourself.

Remember That There Isn’t Such A Thing As Failure

Struggling to do things out of our comfort zone and levelling up our lives is inherently built up from a fear of failure.

Thinking that we could fall flat on our face is terrifying and we avoid it AT ALL COSTS.

However, failure isn’t something to be afraid of!

The only thing that ever happens from failing, is that we LEARN. We learn a new lesson every single time. It teaches us that we need to do something differently, that we need to be persistent, that we need to refocus.

I’ve failed at many different things in my life, and for amazing reasons!

My previous romantic relationships have been a mess – to teach me what I can accept and what I cannot, to make me realise how to behave and how to treat the one I love, and that raising my standards is the only way to move forward.

I have put myself through tough times in my career, and made sure that I went for the right opportunities when they came to me. I put myself out there, and missed out on was potentially a great opportunity at my current company. My now partner actually got that position instead of me, and I got a different promotion a few months later, much more aligned to my career path. It worked out FAR BETTER than what I originally thought, even though I had “failed”.

I have created at least four blogs previously and made attempts to run a creative online business. Facing the facts of not earning a full-time income from those blogs, and making the decision to move away from them led me to create Beautifully Fragile. I’ve been able to put everything I’ve learnt from those blogs and hit the ground running with this one. I’ve gained over 100 views this first week, which I am pretty damn pleased with considering I have done nothing other than promote on Insta and share some pins!

Taking these situations as the perfect opportunity to learn and applying those lessons moving forward is the only way to look at it.

Failures do not exist, it is only our mindset that causes us to truly fail. Because we only do that by GIVING UP. By not showing up, by not trying again. If we miss out and don’t do anything daring, exciting or adventurous with our lives, then we have failed.

Don’t Compare Yourself To The Glossy, Highlight Reels On Social Media

Ah this is a tough one, and something I do still struggle with much to my own frustration and annoyance.

We scroll through Insta and we look at the images of beautifully made-up girls with bronzer and highlighter, and the perfect nude lipstick and their hair all messy curls and high-shine. It is hard not to compare ourselves to these images.

Even “normal” people look like celebrities these days!

It can be really tough not to look at those women and feel inadequate.

I was watching an amazing Ted talk from Cameron Russell who is an underwear model, and the whole premise is that looks aren’t everything. It’s definitely worth a watch, especially if you struggle with comparing yourself.

Ted talks are my new favourite thing – and yes I know I’m seriously behind the times! But I’ve been watching so many of them on YouTube and learning about all kinds of things.

Try to avoid following accounts that make you feel bad about yourself, and fill your feed with happy, real, and positive people instead. Don’t let your mind be overtaken with those thoughts, and instead remember all the amazing, beautiful and unique things about you.

Remember, there’s only one you, and you are AMAZING.