How To Stop Feeling Stuck In Life & Achieve Your Goals

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How To Stop Feeling Stuck In Life & Achieve Your Goals

It’s Frustrating When You Feel Like You’re Going Nowhere

Sometimes life can begin to feel a bit repetitive and you can start to feel stuck. It’s a horrible feeling and it can begin to get you down. Learning how to get through these times and start moving again is the key! Whilst it might feel like you’ve got no way out, I promise there are things you can do.

There are things in life that we are likely going to want to progress in and move forward. This might be your career, your relationship, your family or your personal interests. Every now and then, it can end up feeling like you are banging your head against a brick wall, and not getting anywhere with them.

Having goals and wanting to progress in your life is completely understandable.

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you my top tips for how to stop feeling stuck in life. I hope you find this useful and manage to get moving forward again in life.

1. How To Get Moving In Your Career

Moving forward with your career is one of the most challenging things you can do in your life. It can be very daunting and you might feel nervous about it. If you feel like you can’t go anywhere then there are some things you can do to get moving forward.

If you are wanting to get a promotion but are struggling to do so, then you might want to try some of these ideas:

  • Look at taking on additional responsibilities within your department, or with another department. This shows your desire to gain experience and lets the management team.
  • Talk to your manager and explain you would like to work towards promotion and ask if you can learn from them directly on a mentor basis. This might be a good idea, especially if your manager has the job you want!
  •  Smash out your own work and perform to your own absolute best to show off your skills and qualities to the best of their ability. Make sure that you become noticed for your competency within your role and do the best you can.
  • Be a positive and cheerful influence. Those that are nice to be around and get on well with everyone are more likely to get promoted because managers are more likely to want them around. At the end of the day, you spend a majority of your time with your team and so making sure you are pleasant to be around will definitely help your chances.

If you are looking to move to another company then there are different things you can do:

  • Look at all of the above steps that paint you in a positive light and make sure that you are already applying yourself as much as possible.
  • Gain some new skills and experience to help you appear more desirable to new employers. Look at the kinds of skills and qualities that are described in job adverts and do what you can to get these on your CV.
  • Get a qualification that relates to the industry to help you stand out against other candidates. It might be that you need to do this at evening classes or distance learning, but it’s a great way to build your CV and show your dedication and drive to work in your own time.
  • Don’t quit your current role until you’re 100% sure that you’ve got the job you’re going to stay in and be happy. Quitting too soon can cause no end of problems. Make sure you’re making the right decision before you jump.
  • Work on updating your CV and making sure it shines as much as possible. Fine-tune your cover letter for each opportunity you are going to apply for, tailoring it to make sure you are hitting all of the marks that the job entails. You don’t want to come across that you don’t check the details or you didn’t care enough to read the job description possibly.

If you want to start your own business and become self-employed, then there are some things you can do:

  • Think about the kind of business you want to start. Would it be a service-based business? Do you have skills or experience that you can share with other people and help them? Look at the kind of options you have available and see whether you could start something.
  • Learn new skills, try new interests and get yourself out there: you might find something that really appeals to you but you didn’t know about it before!
  • Think about whether you could do your current role but just self-employed for yourself. If you’re a builder, could you start your own development company? If you’re a writer, could you start a blog or a copywriting agency? By taking your current opportunity and making it your own business, you are more likely to succeed because you have real-life experience in the industry.

By trying out some of the above steps, depending on whether you want to get a promotion, a new role at another company, or even start your own business, you can begin moving forward again.

As hard as it might be to feel stuck, you have plenty of options. Build up the courage, work on your confidence and your mindset and then start taking action!

2. How To Move Forward In Your Relationship

You might be single and want to find a relationship with the right person for you, or you might be in a relationship and want to move to the next step. In this part of the blog post, I want to share with you some of the experience I have got from my life of being single and in relationships over the past 12 years or so.

If you are single and want to find a suitable relationship, there are a couple of tips I would give:

  • Spend time on yourself, doing the things you love and living a fulfilled life. People that are happy and enjoying themselves appear more attractive and are going to attract people that like the same things they do!
  • Get yourself out and about and meeting people. You will need to be out there to meet someone, so don’t close yourself off. You might need to work on building your confidence but following the first point will help with this. Meet your friends, go to bars, the cinema, out for dinner and out in the park. Spend time in various different places to meet various people. Not everyone will become a potential partner but you might make a good friend which is just as good.
  • Stop holding yourself to the thing that you need a partner, and try to have the attitude that you will find the person right for you when the time is right! You have all the time to find someone that adds to your life and you have fun with. Taking the pressure off will make things all the more enjoyable.

If you are in a relationship but want to move to the next step, whether that’s a commitment like becoming exclusive or moving in together:

  • Be honest with your partner and tell them how you feel about things. You might find out they feel exactly the same and you just didn’t realise! The best way to a healthy and happy relationship is open, honest communication. If you don’t feel like you can speak to them, then this might the sign of a mismatch in comfort in the relationship.
  • Work on moving your own life forward and show that you are wanting to progress with life as a whole. It may prompt them to realise that you want to keep pushing forward and that you see the relationship in the same light.
  • Suggest smaller commitments first to gauge whether the person feels the same as you do, and see how you both handle the situation. If this is a struggle then you might need to discuss and work on this.

Relationships can be super complicated, and it’s hard to give advice because every person is so different. Mostly it’s about relaxing, being open and honest, trusting your instincts, and enjoying your life on your own first, before anything else.

3. How To Get Moving In Your Personal Development Journey

Sometimes you can feel stuck in your personal development journey. It can be hard to stay motivated, or you might feel like you’re not moving anywhere.

Firstly, I want to mention that personal development is a constant process of self-improvement and growth. You shouldn’t feel pressure or stress around this journey! It is definitely supposed to be for your benefit, for your mindset and your emotional well-being, as well as helping you achieve your life goals.

If you are beginning to feel stuck within your personal development journey, here are my top tips to get moving again:

  • Review your goals and see whether you have completed any of them, whether any are redundant and need striking off, or whether you need to adjust some of them to more relate your lifestyle. As time goes by and we don’t look at our goals, we might realise that some of them don’t serve our dream life anymore and we need to move away from them. There’s nothing wrong with that! Just choose some updated goals that will help you lead the life you really want and start going after them.
  • You might be struggling to feel motivated. This can be tough to get back and could make you feel like you’re not going anywhere. Learning how to push through and get that vibe back is extremely useful. Lack of motivation can come from a few different sources: reduction of energy, being scared to push yourself, chasing after the wrong things, or simply being ill or stressed. Take some time to find out why you’re lacking motivation. Ask yourself if you had more energy would you be straight back to your task? Does it fill you with excitement or dread when you think about your goal/task? Figure out why you’re lacking motivation and then focus on dealing with those things to reduce the barriers between you and going for it!
  • Make sure you’re spreading your time on things that cover all areas of your life, rather than obsessing about one part specifically. You might be feeling stuck because you’re not getting any movement in your physical health and you’re struggling to lose weight. However, you might be facing stress because your work-life needs more attention, and this is causing a block all round. Take some time to assess all areas of your life (I use a 6 monthly audit which you might find useful) and see whether there is an area of your life that you might be neglecting. Sometimes we switch our focus, and we actually find that this clears up our issue. This might be because we’re essentially balancing our energy and effort for the different areas of life and becoming more fulfilled. Or it might be that something in the other area shows up an answer to the issue you’re having. Meeting someone new might give you the support to achieve your goals. Starting a new club might help you make a new amazing friend.
  • Start looking into some new interests and see whether you can find new hobbies that you didn’t realise you would like. Trying out new things is always a good way to move forward with your life, and build on your passions, skills and experience. Whether this is starting a new sport, joining a new club, or maybe travelling to a new country – whatever it might be, it’s a great way to get moving again.
  • Get inspired by reading a new personal growth/self-development book, watching videos on YouTube or talk to inspirational people in your life that give you strength. You might just need to get that vibe back and feel boosted by people that you admire! There is so much content out there that can give you some assistance and help advise you on how to get moving again. Posts like this one are written to help you and you will find other mindset and lifestyle bloggers out there that might resonate with you too.

Your personal development journey is extremely important. In my eyes, growing as a person and optimising how I feel, behave, succeed and grow is vital to me. It’s something that I take very seriously. Learning new skills, reading inspiring books that teach me amazing things from new perspectives, watching awesome content creators on YouTube and getting out there and trying new things is the way I approach my own journey.

Taking the pressure off can be a huge step, and might be the one thing that actually helps you start moving forward again. Don’t beat yourself up if things haven’t changed in a while. Simply take stock of where you are, look at whether you need to change anything, and then take small actions to get moving again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and found yourself inspired to start taking action! You deserve to move forward in your life and achieve your goals.

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