The Perfect Mentality Shift For 2020


The Perfect Mentality Shift For 2020

Moving From A Reactive To A Proactive Mentality For 2020

We’re moving into a new year soon. Not only that, we’re moving into a new decade. It’s the perfect time for change, for shifting your perspective, and for moving towards a proactive mentality in life. Over the past couple of years, I’ve really been working on my self-development. Mostly this is down to the fact I realised that my mindset was so warped and I had no idea just how much I was holding myself back.

There are lots of different ways that we can shift our thinking, and there are many techniques for improving our mindset for happiness, calm, success, and fulfilment. In today’s post, I want to share with you this perfect mentality shift you can learn and practice for 2020.

There’s a lot that can be said for managing your life more effectively and more intentionally. The mindset shift I’m going to share with you today is all about perspective.

Let’s get into it!

How Perspective Is Everything

I’ve always been really “in my head” and so I’ve been working towards a calmer, more rational and balanced approach to life.

Learning about perspective was key in this journey and figuring out how my perspective might be skewed.

Our previous experiences in life, especially the ones we have as young children, shape who are as adults. The things that happen to us teach us how to feel, how to react, and how to behave in certain situations.

Perspective plays a massive part in how we categorise the things around us, which in turn tells our brain how to react based on our learnt lessons from childhood. For example, we perceive a comment made to us about our job being boring as insulting because we were bullied as a child for liking a “boring” pastime. The person didn’t mean to insult us and was just making a little sly joke, but we react in an overly negative way because it hurts us like the child version of us was hurt.

Perspective is a massive player in how we feel about things and contributes massively to our mindset, our feelings, and our overall well-being.

The Mindset Shift In Perception Of Life

For 2020, something that I think will be really beneficial for you in the sense of your mindset and your feelings towards things is to focus on swapping your perspective from being annoyed, upset or disappointed that you have to do something to instead feeling grateful for the opportunity and the fact you are able to do it.

This might be:

  • “Ugh I have to go to work” turns into “I’m so lucky I get to go to my job”.
  • “I hate long journeys” turns into “I’m excited to have some time to myself, to think or whatever I want to do”
  • “Eating vegetables sucks” turns into “I’m so fortunate I get to eat fresh food whenever I want”.

Learn to train your brain to focus on the fact you get to do things, instead of the negative alternative that you have to do something. Teach it how to see the positives in life and the benefits you have available to you every single day.

It’s not something that will happen overnight, and you’ll definitely have to train your brain to be able to do this off the cuff. However, it’s 100% worth the effort of doing so.

Reactive To Proactive Mentality

When we’re not aware of our minds and we live in a state of “have to” and work, eat, sleep routines, we forget to think proactively. We focus so much on reacting to the things around us and simply dealing with them as they come, and we don’t sit there and look at things rationally.

For my entire life, I felt anxiety for many things in life. Travelling was always the one that impacted me the most and was the one that made me panic the hardest.

Eventually, I got so sick of feeling that way, I began working on convincing my brain that it was freaking lucky it had the chance to travel. That it was nothing to be afraid of, and what I should be scared of is the regrets of never travelling to other countries and experiencing other cultures.

I still worry and get nervous to a small degree, but instead I’m concentrating so hard on the fact that I am extremely privileged to be able to travel, and I should remember that.

Try and keep in mind that most of the things you worry about or stop yourself from doing, you will regret it in the end if you don’t do them. You’ll get to the end of your life and wish you had done more. You’ll be sad you didn’t appreciate it when you had the chance.

Self-development for me is about awareness of where I’m at, a desire for the kinds of traits, skills, attitudes and behaviours I want to have, and then small, positive steps of continuous improvement. I’m well aware I’ll never be ‘perfect’. Why? Because there’s no such thing!

Just accept that. Just tell it to get the hell out of your head, and instead think about that perspective shift. Think about yourself as a sponge, and just soak up all the experiences, all the opportunities and all of the chances we get in life.

Our culture is having a shift, people want to feel happier, more fulfilled and do more with their lives than work, eat, and sleep. Join them! Follow things with a curious, open-minded approach, and see the light in each thing you get to do each day.