The Perfect Sunday Routine To Set You Up For The Week

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The Perfect Sunday Routine To Set You Up For The Week

Getting Organised Ahead Of The Game

Sundays are the best day of the week to get organised and plan your week. Creating the perfect Sunday routine will help you get ahead of the game, and make you feel well put-together. It will also help you relax and feel less stressed because you’ll have things prepared and ready to go.

I know that for me, it’s the worry that I won’t have everything I need that causes me the most stress. Being prepared and having things sorted out makes my life much calmer and it makes sense to me to sort this out on a Sunday.

In today’s post, I want to share with you my idea of the perfect Sunday routine; the things you can do on a Sunday to make you feel good about the week to come. I don’t necessarily do these things in any specific order, but these are things that I often do to get prepared. Hope you love them! Let me know in the comments which you’ll do be doing yourself.

Get Up At A Decent Time In The Morning

One of the worst things you can do is have a massive lay-in on a Sunday. You can end up feeling guilty or sad that you’ve wasted so much of the day. Plus it reduces the time you have to actually do stuff!

Instead, I would advise getting up as early as you can. At the weekend, my partner and I can tend to stay in bed until at least 11am and it just makes me feel stressed out and annoyed at myself!

Getting up that little bit earlier, by at least 9am, means that you can enjoy the full day and get things done. Not only that, but it helps your routine. Changing your sleep habits dramatically at the weekend, by staying up later and getting up later, can actually make it harder to get up on time during the week!

Keeping your routines is important – it helps you in so many areas of your life!

  • You’ll sleep better + wake up easier.
  • The routine means it’s easier to do the things, and disrupting it is pointless!
  • You’ll have more time for things that matter to you.
  • It reduces the need to plan because things are done on autopilot
  • You can relax because you know what is going to happen!

Get up on a Sunday and feel the benefits.

Have A Slow Morning + Meaningful Morning

Once you’re up, it’s time to take it slow and enjoy yourself. Have a lovely slow breakfast. Make all of your favourite foods; pancakes, bacon, toast, omelette, whatever you want. Make a big mug of coffee or tea and sit somewhere warm and comfortable.

Enjoying your food and taking your time with it is a lovely way to start off your Sunday. It’s about being mindful and relaxing. Doing it completely for yourself!

I always like to wear really comfortable pyjamas and my dressing gown and get all snuggled up on the sofa. We make bacon rolls and coffee and just talk about cuddle up and it’s my favourite thing of the week!

Slowing down and being intentional about it makes all the difference. You’ll feel much more content and happier right from the start of the day.

Write Up A To-Do List For The Whole Week

Before the week starts, it’s a good idea to get down all of the to-do items and tasks that you have in your mind.

Write them all down in a big, long list!

Having everything clear in one place will help you feel more aware of what you actually need to do and will help reduce stress. The more ahead of the game you are, and prepared for what you need to do, the less it will play on your mind. Stress comes from avoiding the things you need to do.

Writing up your to-do list is the first step to making a plan and ticking off the things you need to do. It’s quite a therapeutic part of your Sunday routine once you get into the habit of it!

If you don’t have a clear idea of what you need to do, then you’ll likely going into the week knowing that there are lots of things waiting for you. You’ll feel pressure to get clear first thing Monday when already people are going to be throwing more at you!

Getting the list together ahead of time means that you can start off on Monday hitting the most important and pressing things. You’ll be a hell of a lot more effective, whether this is within your career or your own business, or other elements of life at home or within your family.

Prep For The Week // Meals, Outfits + Batch Work

So if you want to get ahead, then prepping ahead of time will make life a lot easier for you. You can get things sorted ahead of time, and reduce the amount of last-minute scrabbling around to get things ready!

Lunch Prep

For my partner and I, it’s important to do our lunch prep because in the week we tend to be tired in the evenings! If we don’t do it in one go on a Sunday then we’re likely to not bother in the week and just buy food when we’re out. This is expensive and often unhealthy! With saving to buy our first house, we are being good with our spending!

We usually do the meal prep for our lunches on a Sunday evening as we cook our dinner. We’ll get everything cooking at once and then get it put in pots and in the fridge. We can do the cooking and clean up all in one go and be good to go.

Outfit Prep

I also try and plan out outfits for the week ahead of time. I have a kind of capsule wardrobe for work where I have a set amount of skirts/trousers and tops that I alternate between, This really helps me stay organised, and reduces the amount of stress for choosing my outfit every day.

Buying clothes that compliment each other and can be worn combined in many different variations will also help because anything I pick up will match the other items!

Task Batching

Finally, I would advise batching any tasks you have for the week ahead of time as much as you possibly can. Run through your emails, check your to-do list and see whether there’s anything else you can sort out in one go.

There are a few different types of tasks that you can batch:

  • For me, I like to write my blog posts at the weekend, but it might be that you get a few blog posts written up ahead of time. You can schedule them on WordPress to go out when you’re ready for them to!
  • You might take a load of photos for your website/social media in one go, and have them ready to use. This can also help keep your theme cohesive because the photos will be from the same sesh!
  • There might be books you need to read, reports to write or study to do for school/work and getting these done in time blocks will help manage your productivity and get things done ahead of deadlines
  • Client/sales calls could be done in blocks to get them done in one block. This helps keep you in the same frame of mind and allows you to spend dedicated time, especially if it’s your business you’re working on and wanting to build.

Getting things done in chunks will make life a lot easier for you, and genuinely reduce stress and pressure. It’s been one of the biggest changes to my life that I’ve made because I would also be too distracted or lazy to actually do it and get ahead! Getting into the habit and building the motivation as part of your Sunday routine takes time but is 100% worth it.

Do Something Relaxing + Get Outside If You Possibly Can

Whilst being productive and planning for your week is really important, it’s equally as important to spend some time enjoying yourself and getting outside.

You don’t have to do anything particularly adventurous, although of course, you can if you want!

But something simple like going for a walk, sitting out in the garden, or going to the beach will make a massive difference to your mindset. It’s so refreshing to do it, and you’ll never regret taking the time to do it.

Not only is it good for your mental state, but it’s also good for your physical health to get some fresh air and exercise.

Creating the perfect Sunday routine will set you up for the week and help you get ahead of the game. You’ll feel much more relaxed + stress-free and you will be less likely to forget things, or feel overwhelmed.

Of course, there will be the odd moment where things come out of the blue, but that’s life! There’s nothing you can do about that, and you will do what you need to do when the time comes.

Getting the routine in place will help you in lots of different ways, let me know how they help you!