Understanding The 4 Key Aspects Of Personal Development


Understanding The 4 Key Aspects Of Personal Development

Personal Development Has Various Elements To Help You Build A More Fulfilled Life

Personal development is a huge topic that encompasses everything about you. I recently came across this description on Wikipedia and couldn’t have put it better myself:

Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

This sums up the different focuses and areas of life that personal development works on.

In today’s post, I wanted to break down this description into the 4 key aspects of personal development I can pull from this, and go into a lot more detail covering what this means and how you can bring these into your own life.

I hope you like it and feel inspired to keep moving on your journey of building your dream life.

1. Improve Awareness + Identity

To me, improving my awareness and identity comes down to a deeper understanding of who I truly am.

I think this involves self-reflection and working through all my beliefs; the ways in which I see myself and the world, and how this all comes together to affect my thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

We all see the world in our way, through the filters created by our beliefs and the things we learn about the world as we go through it. Coping mechanisms are built up. We face things in the best way we know how.

By taking the time and making the effort to pull back and see myself I have learnt so much. Being able to listen to myself properly and not cloud my judgement has shown many things about myself over the past few years.

There are many ways we can improve our awareness of our identity and who we are:

  • meditate // give yourself the space to be able to think slowly and rationally about who you are and help you be more aware of your thoughts and feelings
  • self-reflect // write a journal of your thoughts, feelings, worries, stresses, happiness and gratitude, track everything and see the visual of this
  • talk more // be open and honest with your friends and family, don’t censor yourself as much and be free to say things how they are for you, and observe the feelings/behaviour that comes with doing so
  • follow creative pursuits // spend more time writing, painting, drawing, out in nature, singing, making music, whatever makes you feel that joy from creating something beautiful that came from you

Learning about who we are is a life-long mission that will be full of ups and downs, and will be extremely valuable overall. You must know who you are and where you are starting from before you can go further, go forward.

2. Develop Talents + Potential

The second area of personal development is around developing your talents and reaching your potential.

If you think about it as a continuous project of improvement and growth, then working on your talents and aiming to reach your potential makes perfect sense.

We are all capable of amazing and life-changing things – we just have to believe it and face the fear. We have to push through and reach for the things on the other side of fear, outside of our comfort zone.

Take some time and write down all the things you’re good at, that you enjoy, that interest you. Those are the areas where you have a talent and the potential for growth, for amazing things.

Then you need to look at ways to develop and work on these.

It could be that you need to learn more, do qualifications or take courses, read more books and watch more videos. It could be practice, and spending time going over something until you become more proficient and skilled. Maybe you could get a mentor and start working on it more seriously.

There are lots of things you can to develop your talents and start reaching for your potential.

It is an important part of life. Those who don’t pursue those things often end up with regret that they didn’t go after it and take their chances in life.

If you have a skill or a talent that means something to you, then work on it, dedicate your time to it, and know the power of it. It could be the best thing that you ever do.

3. Build Human Capital + Facilitate Employability

Making yourself as employable as possible is an important thing, especially if you have no desire to become an entrepreneur or business owner yourself.

Building on your skills and talents, you want to look at things that make you more desirable to an employer. There are many things that people don’t focus on, and miss out without even realising it.

Skills/qualities such as:

  • successful time-management // being able to work independently and manage your schedule without needing help, or missing appointments, meetings and deadlines for projects
  • punctuality // feeds into the first point, taking the care to be on time for everything shows professionalism
  • being well-presented // making the effort to be clean, tidy, wearing smart, appropriate clothes for the job you are employed to do
  • productivity + self-motivation // having the built-in work ethic to get things done off your own back, and taking things seriously
  • enthusiasm // enjoying the work you do and having a positive attitude to learn, grow and develop within your role

There are many more we could add to this list, but it gives you the idea. It’s all about not only having the right qualifications and experience but also having the right character and attitude to be desirable.

Managers choose people based on various things as we’ve just mentioned, but they also choose based on whether they like the person, and whether they can see them fitting in the team and working well with others.

If you are looking to work in a traditional company and be an employee, think about how you can improve on these kinds of areas and go back to point 2 and look at ways you can learn and develop.

4. Contribute To The Realisation Of Dreams + Aspirations

Finally, a huge aspect of personal development is trying to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Helping you create a plan to build your dream life is extremely important to me. It’s one of the biggest focuses of Beautifully Fragile in the first place!

I’ve come from a place where I was surrounded by negativity, all kinds of awful things like drugs and mentally damaging behaviour, low worth and no real prospects.

Turning that around and choosing to go after my dream life was the best decision I ever made and has been a process for the last 7 years.

I was lucky, I wasn’t at rock-bottom like some people. I had a position to grow from, to learn from. I had the determination and the strength.

Teaching others how to find that within themself is important to me.

Of course, you don’t have to be in that kind of situation to want to realise dreams and aspirations. Every single human being has things that they want to pursue, to aspire to.

It doesn’t matter exactly what they are – the biggest thing I teach is the mindset, the habits, the attitude and the processes to achieve whatever a dream life means to you. Your vision for a dream life would be completely different to mine, and others around you.

Personal development when focusing on dreams and aspirations is all about:

  • the vision // what does YOUR dream life look like, what home, career, family + travel situation do you want?
  • the mindset // how do you need to think to get there?
  • the attitude // what feeling do you need to focus on and embody during the process?
  • the habits // what routines and behaviours do you need to bring into your life to help you live that dream life?
  • the patience // keeping in mind that great things take time and there’s no such thing as an overnight success

I love the idea that these things take time and you have every right to build up to what you want in life.

It’s completely personal, and you don’t have to explain yourself or justify your life to anyone else. EVER.

At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. Do what makes you happy and aim for the very top goal, the biggest things in life that you want.

A huge thing I try and remember is that all the amazing and unbelievable things in the world, the achievements, the businesses, the human accomplishments and advancements – they were all done by someone like me or you. Whenever you feel like you can’t do something or you’re struggling, just try to keep that in mind.

If you have enjoyed this post and want to start building a personal development plan, I’ve got this awesome little freebie for you below. It’s my 8 page PDF guide that walks you through how to start building that dream life by setting up the right platform, choosing the right goals and then implementing the right routines and habits to get you there.