Why It’s Okay To Stop In The Face Of Overwhelm


Why It’s Okay To Stop In The Face Of Overwhelm

The Constant Pressure Of Self-Development & Personal Growth

I am one of those people that enjoys personal development, and I strive to improve as a person all the time. There are lots of things that I want to work on within myself, and there is always room for improvement in my eyes.

However, this whole personal development era is a double-edged sword.

For me, there’s a huge element of balancing, between wanting to move forward and become bigger, better, stronger, and the other side, of needing to love ourselves just as we are.

In today’s post, I wanted to jump on the blog and share with you my feelings around this whole topic of not needing to smash it out 100% of the time. I know that it can cause a lot of feelings, and it’s quite an emotive subject.

I hope you enjoy it, please let me know!


Pressure Is A Good Thing, But Too Much Pressure Is Counter-Productive

We all need encouragement and motivation. They give us the desire and the attitude to push forward and challenge ourselves to become better. Pursuing our goals and chasing after our dreams is a really important part of life. It’s about focusing on ourselves and the things we want to accomplish with our time.

I don’t ever want to take away from that, especially when I wholeheartedly believe that personal growth and optimizing our lives in that way is part of the big picture of being happy and living a life worth living.

However, when we put too much pressure on ourselves, I think it can screw us over! I think it ruins the benefits of why we pursue personal growth in the first place. It gets to a point where we are simply damaging ourselves, rather than building on ourselves.

If we are feeling burnt out and overrun by these thoughts, and they become a place of stress and anxiety, then we are not going to be growing as a person. We are damaging ourselves and causing ourselves unnecessary pain. By learning to balance ourselves between personal growth and self-care and compassion, we will optimize our position to move forward.

There is a lot of pressure from all sources to compete with each other, and we tend to compare ourselves to a lot of the influences we see around ourselves. There is no harm in looking at others for inspiration and motivation, but we have to check our minds and remember that everyone is on their journey.

Putting too much pressure on ourselves and making ourselves ill in the process is counter-productive, and doesn’t assist us in the overall journey of becoming more aligned with our goals and achieving the things in life that make us feel complete.

Learning to take a step back when we are pushing too hard on the gas pedal is a skill to work on. I am beginning to learn my warning signs and becoming able to take a step back at this point.

Of course, I don’t always get this right! But by being aware, and learning from my mistakes, I am still moving forward. I am still seeing a true reflection of things, rather than a twisted, warped version that my mind might conjure. Being an anxious type, these kinds of thought patterns can take control, and I have to work to keep them at bay.

Learning to truly see things for what they are is a skill that most of us need to work on. It’s a muscle, a skill, rather than something you are born with.

How To Spot The Signs Of Overwhelm/Extreme Pressure

This is a personal thing, and it might show itself slightly differently to you than it does to me.

Recently I’ve had too much going on in my head, and I just couldn’t focus on my journey of moving forward. I’ve been having some family issues, my job has been off the scale stressful, and I’ve just been a bit under the weather and all-around exhausted.

For me, these are some of the signs I tend to see when I’m overwhelmed or under extreme pressure:

  • tiredness/wanting to sleep all of the time
  • not being able to get up in the morning
  • having very weird and vivid dreams
  • the opposite side of not being able to get to sleep/insomnia
  • itchy skin, especially my arms
  • feelings of self-doubt, wanting to avoid social situations, no energy for other people
  • no desire to write in my journal
  • craving unhealthy food the entire time, overeating, not prioritizing preparing healthy lunches, etc

There might be some of these that affect you, and there are likely many other ways that these things can impact you.

Of course, these symptoms might relate to something else, and as I am not a medical professional, I always advise you seek professional assistance should you need it.

Learning our signs and being able to pick up on these when they begin, means that we can prepare our mind a little and create a space of healing before it has settled in.

Moving Past The Overwhelm & Getting Back To Ourselves

The first thing that I want to say is that I feel like wallowing in our low moods is unavoidable sometimes. Of course, when those feelings take over it can be tough to move past them.

I do think that you need to keep in mind the positive affirmations that work best for you. Some of my favourite related ones would be focused around:

  1. I am worthy of this rest and allowing my body the time to relax.
  2. I am feeling this mood temporarily and it will not stay forever.
  3. There are lots of positives in my life.
  4. I am happy and grateful for this part of my journey.

I like to remember and concentrate on the fact that any mood I am in is temporary. There is so such thing as being stuck, and we can change whatever we like to make our lives better.

We can move house or get a new job, we can travel to new places, and do new things with our appearance. We have complete control over these things, and as long as we have the willpower, the desire, and the strength to pursue them, we can do whatever we want or need to do.

Not only that, but the biggest factor we have that affects us and our lives as a whole is our mindset. We can focus on the things we desire, on the things we feel that we’re lacking, on the things that cause us to feel jealous, anxious, or negative.

Or, we can choose to be positive. We can choose to look past the current feelings we might be having, and to know that they will soon move on. Focusing on the long-term goals we have and seeing things for what they are is the key to not staying stuck in this feeling of overwhelm.

There are a few different practices that I like to use to help in these times. I am going to be writing a post around this for next week, so please enter your email below to make sure you know when this goes live.

I hope you have a lovely week and if you’re in one of those low places right now, just know that I believe in you, and you can get through this.